What grade do you give the 'Pretty Little Liars' summer finale?

  • wafaa - 6 years ago

    THE WORST ENDING EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!why couldn't it have been wren he would have had a really good story to tell and he is more A like ??I think that this is the worst pretty little liars episode EVER!!!!!!! Is it true that aria in the liar????????????

  • CeCe...really - 6 years ago

    Worst reveal on this show!! So disappointing! Just makes no sense, cece got a sex change, dated her own brother. Oh but we didn't even know cece until season 3. Ridiculous, they should have made A a character that's been around since season one. Someone that would actually make sense. Damn 5 years later better be some good shit lol

  • worse finale - 6 years ago

    Ugh! I was pretty pissed not gonna lie. I just think they could have done much better than CeCe being A. I mean her character wasn't even mentioned until season 3, I was kind of hoping it would be a character that's been around since season one, and someone more relevant that cece. Everything else was pretty much perfect for me but that really sucks, the big A reveal was suppose to be the most satisfying but to most fans it was the least satisfying.

  • unsAtisfied - 6 years ago

    I totally agree with the wren being A theory. If it really was the original script they should have stuck with it. This was definitely the most unsatisfying finale. 6 seasons leading up to CeCe being A. Tsk tsk. If you check out wren being A online you'll get the whole back story, it would have been more satisfying than this mess. Hopefully they will incorporate that theory in the 20 year time jump or whatever

  • nikki - 6 years ago

    This finale was a big disappointment. I feel like that one worker for pll that was fired told the truth. Wren was suppose to be A but since they spilled the news I bet there was a last minute rewrite. Pretty disappointing, I feel like it would have been a great finale if they stuck with the supposedly original idea.

  • Amelia - 6 years ago

    I'm pretty confused. During the show they were saying heaps of things really quickly and adding them but I just couldn't catch on. I would be really happy if they made a season all about A though

  • Amelia - 6 years ago

    I'm pretty confused. During the show they were saying heaps of things really quickly and adding them but I just couldn't catch on. I would be really happy if they made a season all about A though

  • Disappoint - 6 years ago

    I am really disappointed that CeCe of all people is A. What, did Charles seriously had a sex change? I mean obviously there was no d*ck showing in her pants or any signs of being born as a male. I have a hard time believing CeCe's A. This is ridiculous. The summer finale was an all time low really, I didn't expect it to be this bad. And what the hell was the ending 5 years later? Is the show gonna continue on randomly 5 years later? I don't want to believe that it will, that would really damage the show I'm sure. Other than that, I hope they fix things, because I really do like Pretty Little Liars and I wouldn't want it to crash.

  • THE TRUTH HURTS ! - 6 years ago

    --I'm majorly DISAPPOINTED, that = CeCe was = A ! Because I thought that A was going to be
    = BRUCE JENNER ! Nah JUST kidding because I thought that = A was really - ALISON, who was also working with = MONA.
    ---Also the whole = TRANS-GENDER thing, is a big JOKE altogether. But hopefully ANYONE who EVER HAS or anyone who EVER does become = TRANS-GENDER, will HAVE an INFINITE amount of = 3 MILLION -SUNTAN LOTION with them.
    ---For when they ALL = BURN, and ROT in = HELL ! For EACH one of them trying to play = GOD, by EACH one of them ALTERING - the very BODY that GOD GAVE them !
    ---OTHER than that, the episode was = GREAT.

  • Chanyl - 6 years ago

    I think that person who leaked that A is Wren was telling the truth.This seems like a script rewrite.PLL was pushed back a week.

  • Kayla - 6 years ago

    Okay, first of all.. awful. Second of all.. what a waste!!! Nothing adds up at all. Am I the only one baffled by Ezra in the season previous? Okay he was seriously creepy and his whole story about how he was just so interested in finding "A" was a joke, I mean people got seriously hurt and killed. Not to mention that Halloween episode Ezra knocked Spencer the f*** out. Besides that, all the little episodes in-between were a waste, I understand a TV show has to make it seem like it's someone else (Ezra for example) and OH it's not, and for that, this just seemed like a last minute script re-write for the 2015 trends of being trans. I have no judgement for others in real life, but really? You are going to make this a trans-gendered story. I should have seen this coming.

  • Anne - 6 years ago

    OMG such a joke! i laughed so hard when i saw CeCe. Funny fact about Marion, she was killed by Bethany when Charles was like max 10 years old but there's a flashback of Toby and Alison about to kiss when Marion arrived in the room and say that she just woke up at 4 pm ... Toby and Alison was like 14-15..... Euhhh little mistake here...

    It was obvious that Cece was hiding something , i thought she was red coat for sure but this.... ridiculous

  • Mel - 6 years ago

    was kind of disappointed that cece is A and also what happened to the mums five years later are they just skeletons in a basement now???

  • Kiwi - 6 years ago

    Pretty good review, but I think you're forgetting that Lyndon James "aka Maya's fake cousin Nate" killed her. He then tried to kill Emily and Paige.

  • Consuela - 6 years ago

    Mona was there in the five years forward preview. She asked Spencer if she still had nightmares.

  • Kotobuki - 6 years ago

    Did anyone else notice Mona was missing at the end after she said she wanted to see the end of story? It did not show her 5 years later either.

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