Would you like to see all-wheel drive added to the 2017 Honda Odyssey?


  • Chris C. - 7 years ago

    Ron -

    Of course we know this! Toyota isn't the only one to offer all-wheel drive with the Sienna as Chrysler also offered it with their Dodge Caravan and Chrysler Town and Country in the last generation (not the current one).

    The all-wheel drive Sienna does receive some changes with its all-wheel drive drivetrain, such as to accommodate for the transfer case and center drive shaft linking the case to the rear-axle.

    Honda's Odyssey has never had all-wheel drive and would need to have a widened center tunnel to accommodate the extra drive shaft and gear.

    - C

  • Ron - 7 years ago

    You guys realize that Toyota currently offers and has offered in previous generations an AWD Toyota Sienna minivan?! They've pulled it off without it affecting all the things you suggest will be problems.

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