If you could give karma some advice for the day they pay a visit to your cheater, which of the following methods would you recommend?

  • The Comeuppance. Let karma know they can take the day off. The cheater has made their bed, and it's obvious to everyone (who matters) that their crappy new life is its own reward. Deep sigh. Shake head. WALK AWAY.
    8 votes

  • The Working Girl. Did your cheater lie about you to look good during the breakup? Take total advantage of your love and the work you put in while passing themselves off as brilliant and charming to get a shiny new life...while making YOU out to be the liar? Tell Karma to out ‘em to the boss and watch as that cheater is told to get their boney ass out of their sight.
    3 votes

  • The Evil Stepmother. Much like the plot of Cinderella, you get the last laugh twirling off to your awesome new life while they realize their attempt to keep you under their thumb failed and they EAT THEIR DAMN HEART OUT.
    4 votes

  • The Karmic Blue Plate Special. This is an amalgam of many horrific things befalling your cheater all at once, such as getting dumped by their affair partner on the same day they have a tax audit, tooth extraction, colonoscopy and the mushrooms in their risotto turn out to be hallucinogenic, creating delusions including, but not limited to, believing they are Ted Danson and/or any member of the Electric Mayhem.
    14 votes

  • The Real Slim Shady. This category involves mic-accidentally-left-on-type moments, where your cheater unknowingly confesses their dirtbaggedness to the masses.
    9 votes

  • Public Humiliation. This category could include, but is not limited to, witnessing your cheater shart themselves while giving a speech at their company Christmas party.
    1 vote


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