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Posted 4 years.

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  • Molly - 4 years ago

    First off, I just want to say we all absolutely love Little Lambs and Nick and Kelly are amazing! I don't have many complaints, and these aren't even really complaints, just a few areas that I personally feel could use improvement. When dropping off in the morning, sometimes my son is hesitant about jumping right in. Generally he is greeted by teacher and TA, but sometimes is not depending on what is occurring in the room at that moment. The TA comes over generally and see's that I do not mind giving extra hugs and cuddles...that's what works better for us. She will then ask for a hug too and he's happy to oblige and often times they wave out of the window to me. I really appreciate it. The teacher however has a different approach and I generally try to avoid in the morning. If he is upset, she'd wants to just take him from me and redirect. This may me a good solution for some children, but it's not the best for us. Not everything that works for one child will work for another and that's where trying to really know the child comes in to play.
    Also, sometimes my son likes to bring breakfast of his leftovers from breakfast to school. In his previous classroom he was always allowed to pick a table and sit down. In his current classroom he is required to sit at the designated breakfast table which he is not always happy with and it makes for a little more friction at drop off. He's not hysterical about it or anything, sometimes it requires grabbing a chair from a different table and switching it out and that's fine. He has his little quirks and sometimes does not want to sit with others to eat, sometimes he does, but it would be nice if he could make that choice.
    Lastly, I love love love the Tadpoles app! It's such a delight to see how happy he is during the day while I'm at work! A picture always brightens my day and I'm a little sad on days when there are not any pictures:( I really wish the personalized reports were more personal. They used to be but are not very detailed or consistent. My son occasionally has a BM at school, generally it's at home, but sometimes there. It's something I need to know though now that he is potty trained. If he went at school I don't need him to sit on the potty for half an hour at home, but if he didn't go then he does. Also, sometimes in the food section it says that he had most, or all, or none. Sometimes it doesn't. That is important information for me to know because sometimes he will refuse a meal and if he didn't eat much during the day I really want him having a good dinner, but if he cleared his plate, it's not as big of a deal.
    Once again, we absolutely love little lambs and these are just little areas that can use improvement in my eyes just to make you even more perfect! Thank you for being in our lives

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