Which of these Florida college quarterbacks did the most to silence NFL critics?

  • Richard - 5 years ago

    Let's see:
    Tebow-a little sissy boy
    Winston-crab thief
    Bortles-a man's man

    Yes I am a Gator; however, must look at what Bortles did at UCF and last year as a starter and of course, 1 game this year. No comparison.

  • mudduck - 6 years ago

    What I saw in Tim was a man who had not been on the field in what two years and played his heart out making a few good NFL plays. I still believe Tim has plenty of time in him to produce some winning moments. It's kind of like if I were a NFL coach I would want Tim on m sideline every Sunday.

  • Bobby B - 6 years ago

    Hands down Bortles showed the most improvement. Last year, he was adjusting to the speed of the game. Now, it appears he has adjusted and is showing more confidence and poise in the position.

    Winston is playing his first downs as a NFL QB and playing against the other team's starters. He is still a bit green. He has the potential, he just needs more practice. He has only been with the Bucs since May. I think he really starts to shine next year.

    The ow, I really want him in the NFL. With all the BS and drama with players beating their spouses, kids, strangers, et al. I think he is an amazing role model. Unfortunately, I don't think he is a QB. I think he would make an amazing RB or TE though. I think he would defitely be a starter in those roles as well.

  • Studmanrope - 6 years ago

    Hometown boy from Oviedo is going to take the Jags into the playoffs this year! He is hands down the winner of this pole!

    J. Winston will be fine but Bucs offense and defense need organized and quickly if they are going to have a decent year. I am not a fan of L. Smith, he comes from a busted Bears team with the leagues most overpaid and over rated quarterback.

    I was a proud leader of Tebow-Mania two years ago, however watching him last night I fell off the wagon and now I'm only dragging by my shirt-tag. I hope he makes the team but Barkley out performed him backwards and forwards. Why the $#^* is Sanchez still in the league? Chip must be keeping him around as a psych-out, so that other teams don't prep to hard for the Eagles.

  • Jermaine Starks - 6 years ago

    How is this even a question?

    The answer is Blake Bortles and it is not even close.

    Winston started, looked shaky in his first start and showed some of the same issues we saw at FSU.

    Tebow was okay. But he played against third teamers and didn't show us anything we had not seen before.

    Bortles played against Pittsburgh's first team defense and played great. Two drives, 10 points. He was nearly perfect as a passer. He had a 16 yards pass to Allen Robinson on a 3rd and 15 that is probably the best pass he has made in the NFL. He looked like a star.

  • J Arnold - 6 years ago

    Tebow is a proven winner...one always goes with a winner except in the NFL where they like controversy as it drives up ratings. Tim brings class to a sport that has little, if any, these days. We need more men like him, not less.

  • Bob - 6 years ago

    You've got to be dreaming or a complete gator moron if you think Tebow did anything more than mediocre. He didn't even improve himself into the third QB spot. He still can't make quick decisions which was needed since their o-line was horrible. Of course, he can now throw an NFL pass, which he had no idea how to do in the past, but he is still slow to make a decision. In the end, he's cut.

  • Tallaman - 6 years ago

    Not a fair comparison yet: Winston year 1, Bortles year 2, Tebow year 5? (I lost count). Do the same poll this time next year and it'll be a better gauge. Winston was mixed, Bortles seems to coming on in his second season and Tebow had mixed results with second and third team players.

  • Jingles - 6 years ago

    Bortles played with the 1's. Tebow had work with 3's and 4's...poor snaps messing up his timing, poor protection in the pocket. Read this: http://www.phillymag.com/birds247/2015/08/17/eagles-wake-up-call-tebow-vs-barkley/ ...says Barkley made 62% bad throws to 33% for Tebow AND Barkley was pressure 13% vs. 33% for Tebow. I wonder how good Bortles would look with the same personnel that Tebow had to work with. It is only then that you can truly see how good Bortles is. It's just so sad how a great football player/ QB like Tebow had so many screwy things happen to his career that he's where he is now having to prove to others all over again and again what he's really made of. You wonder if there really is a God, and I'm not even religious.

  • Jeff S - 6 years ago

    Bortles without a doubt. 11-15 with his guys dropping 3 catchable passes. Plus Bortles going against the Steelers starting D. Winston has a strong arm but over throws his receivers a lot. Tebow is Tebow, always a back up and only a back up, sorry Tebow fans.

  • Susan - 6 years ago

    Bortles. He played the first team defense and played well.
    Winston is just getting his first taste of a live NFL game situation. He will learn and make things happen for Tampa.
    Tebow . . . Please stop putting this guy on a pedestal. He came into the game as fourth string QB. There's a reason for that. The media has hyped him into some super stud. He is an athlete, but no way a starter or backup QB for any team in the NFL. ( we know you love having him around just to stir things up)

  • Major - 6 years ago

    Great day for J. Hope he didn't head over to the strip clubs after the game. Tebow went to church, and Brian hit the gym.

  • Rick - 6 years ago

    Tebow looked sharp on his first out. I thought he had a lack of protection after that. He needs play time. I really believe if Denver didn't get Payton Manning Tbow would still be wearing a orange jersey. Does he need training YES. When Tebow played for Denver with all his faults and short comings HE FOUND A WAY TO WIN. You can't train for that, thats in your heart and your head. Give this man the tools he needs I would put him with anyone. I see Bradford, Tebow, and Barkley. Please let Sanchez ride off into the sunset. We know he's not a quarterback of any value. Overall for all the changes I thought the Eagles looked pretty good.

  • Tyler B. - 6 years ago

    I think Bortles was the most impressive. Remember that he was playing against the Steelers first team defense (Tebow was playing against third stringers). That did not seem to phase him that much. He looked like he had command of the offense. The running game that Denard Robinson and Toby Gerhart gave allowed Bortles to be able to do more throwing wise. Any problems he had was from an inconsistant Luke Joeckel and a ball he threw too low, which he claimed responsibility for. Bortles was the best of the three this week.

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