Our Son Kyle

  • Zeke - 6 years ago

    And the winner.... Kyle!!!! Eat it haters!

  • Baub - 6 years ago

    Kyle is one of you more clever segments. Super dry, but actually quite funny. The most recent call was really good. The kids bus driver to meth addict to chocolate snauzer feeding killer was pretty comical.

  • ann - 6 years ago

    how come this morning the voting was 47.8 for no and it's now 43.something.....WTF
    Kyle must go

  • Cindy - 6 years ago

    I think Kyle is my long lost brother. I'm afraid to tell him he was adopted. My only form of communication is listening to him on the radio. If you do away with him I will lose a little part of me.

  • Please - 6 years ago

    Every time he is on I can't handle listening. He is awful. Time to stop being the overbearing parents and let him branch out on his own.

  • Clinton - 6 years ago

    This feels like it's coming down from a "republican" suit from above that is trying to say Kyles family isn't "real" because it doesn't look like the Suits "traditional" family. Don't separate what God has made. She loves Kyle and his family, even though it's not a biological mother and a biological father. Perhaps the suit is Herbert.

  • Rick - 6 years ago

    Kyle must stay! Nothing makes me feel better about my often dismal day than to hear kyle stay positive even though he literally has the worst life!

  • Chris Matern - 6 years ago

    Kyle reminds me of Bo Burnham. I honestly think his stuff is brilliant...most of the time.

  • Jacqueline - 6 years ago

    Get rid of Kyle? Why? He adds something to the show and those that don't like him, turn your radio off for five minutes. Will be truly disappointed if you drop him. Even when he's not funny, he makes me laugh. Keep him and screw the majority.

  • Matty - 6 years ago

    Kyle makes me feel smart. He's the only thing that can do this. I'm an idiot compared to everything else. Please, keep the poor bastard.

  • Jessica Alexander - 6 years ago

    Kyle is the best! I will be VERY disappointed if I don't hear him on Radio From Hell anymore. Love the groans in the background, and his obnoxiousness and stupidity!!

  • Adam - 6 years ago

    Do not vote off Our Son Kyle. He's insanity is a good reminder that you are not as crazy as you think you are.

  • Nate - 6 years ago

    I have been around the program since the beginning. Listening to the evolution of Kyle has been very entertaining. His bits may not always work out, but, more often than not, they are very funny. I think you have to be of a certain age/intelligence level to get him.

  • your mom - 6 years ago

    Even if the vote says he stays by 60%, the station will lose 40% of it's listeners when he's on. True fact! I don't know a sole who doesn't change the station when he's on.

  • no more - 6 years ago

    Kyle is the only thing that gets me to turn the dial away from RFH.

  • Jim - 6 years ago

    Kyle is fun, I'd miss it if his segment went away.

  • James Page - 6 years ago

    Kyle took a bullet for me, now I gotta rock for three, me, and KG, and don't forget about Tenacious D

  • Action Jackson - 6 years ago

    Kyle SUCKS! Kill him now!

  • Luke Clamwalker - 6 years ago

    The Kyle bit was never that funny and has gotten worse and worse over the years. Now it just derails the show. It's boring and tedious. Time to put it out to pasture.

  • Dustin - 6 years ago

    No more Kyle!!! He needs to spread his wings and fly far, far away!

  • Brett - 6 years ago

    There is nothing good about this segment. It is not funny and never has been. I listen to another station on Kyle days. Not just while he is on, but all day

  • Sanford - 6 years ago

    Sorry Kyle is to clever for your dim wits.

  • No More Kyle!!! - 6 years ago

    Kyle is annoying and disruptive to the radio from hell show. He's not funny nor entertaining. I listen to other stations until he is off of the air.

  • Michael - 6 years ago

    Ah, nice. Good to know the anti-Kyle people say such prose like "kyle is a fag". Cemented my vote for yes.

  • Devin - 6 years ago

    I don't get this stupid bit, kyle is a fag why is he on the radio

  • Sasheen - 6 years ago

    Time to cut the cord. He's the worst

  • Big J - 6 years ago

    Kyle must stay!

  • jackie - 6 years ago


  • Kyle Stays! - 6 years ago

    Arson Kyle must stay!

  • Anti-Kyleite - 6 years ago

    I just can't do it anymore. Please!!! Kyle has his hay day and it is time to move on. Let him go away peacefully never EVER to return

  • Kyle - 6 years ago

    As another Kyle from this world. I support keeping in contact with your not so much son!!! Kyle lives!!!! But if that Kyle doesn't work this Kyle is always available. Kyle rules!!!

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