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Posted 4 years.


  • DavEvil - 4 years ago

    I'm not really sure about the new changes yet because for me after this update it has become almost unplayable due to constantly closing and terrible lag during the few times I can actually finish a match or even a single player stage. This update has ruined one of my favorite games.

  • Legit - 4 years ago

    I showd the stats gameloft they wanna know hiw many ppl voted

  • Doc - 4 years ago

    I'll be short. I've followed this franchise for a while and was happy when modern combat 5 came out and EVERYTHING was achievable through hard work and not money, finally a game where I am place on ground with others based on my skill with the weapons and my drive to master each individual aspect. As I read through the different armors and made it to the sniper my favorite class i was excited to see what you had for me to earn now as I was becoming bored with nothing to strive for in the game anymore...only to read seconds later that I have to now SPEND MONEY TO BE EQUAL WITH OTHERS. I can only feel like all my work in this game since it came out has just been thrown in my face now that people can simply buy an advantage. I'll be honest i am not happy at all with this update. It was awesome until you screwed me, now i roam through the matches and when I find a sniper with the armor i take great pleasure in hunting him down every spawn just to prove that i dont need money to beat him in a snipe off. I hope you guys change your mind because right now my favorite FPS just threw my work in my face. I am not in a position to spend money on games which is why it has become one of my favorite games and my favorite FPS. This is bull and insulting to a veteran player, me, who has loved this game for what it was, a level playing field. Gameloft has definitely dissapointed me with this development and I will ruthlessly hunt down armored snipers until the playing field is leveled again, till then they just anger me because they remind me that you guys threw my dedication to this game in my face!


    A dissapointed veteran of an amazing but now marked franchise

    P.S. I hope your really uncomfortable with your new system, it just shows that you know as well that this is wrong, now how are you gonna fix it. I look forward to an explanation for your screwing me and any other veterans like me with this update, if you even check the comment.

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