Hottest of the Hottest - Round 1, Match 1


  • KeithButcher - 2 years ago

    This was a rare fight .....This was a long-lasting fight ...,,brutal from beginning to end.....The lean , muscular studs went after each other from the outset...Back and forth they battled for nearly an hour..In the end they were center ring , on their knees , draped over each other's shoulders , totally exhausted!! Sean sensed that Will's body was starting to go limp, he pushed him to his back and pinned him for the 10 count....After that Sean passed out....When they came to, they satisfied each other in a way they hadn't experienced,,,,,ever!!

  • Steven - 7 years ago

    I would give almost anything to see Phil Fusco, Colby Melvin or Pablo Hernandez in an erotic wrestling match in the ring.

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