Can you drive a manual?

  • Ken - 5 years ago

    I'm waiting for auto insurers to give a discount for cars with stick shift, because thieves cannot drive them! On the other hand, an attempted car jacking turned into a kidnapping in my town because the thief could not drive a manual and forced the owner to drive him.

  • JerseyDriver - 5 years ago

    You didn't list the MAZDA 5 as having a manual transmission! I bought a 2008 model in January 2014 and LOVED it. Unfortunately I was sideswiped and the car was totaled in June 2015. I searched high and low for another, and scored a GREAT Mazda 5 2012 model, with manual transmission, and my world is complete once again.

  • Gracie - 5 years ago

    Learned to drive in a Toyopet -before it was Toyota - a very small economical sedan my Dad got for 25 bucks- he had to send to Japan for a new engine and my two older brothers taught me how to say Runng- rung- ruungg as I practice shifting on the 3 gear column shifter- I was the only one in my drivers Ed class that could shift without giving whiplash- pretty good for a girl!

  • Deltabravo94 - 5 years ago

    I used to drive manual, including 18 wheelers with 9, 10, 13 speed transmissions. It's no longer fun to drive though. I suffered a back injury as truck driver, and more recently have arthritis which includes the knees. There was a bit more control with a manual, but it wasn't fun in traffic. There's many autos that have a sport mode that manually change gears. I'll stick with an auto now, pun intended.

  • Kris - 5 years ago

    I love driving stick - except maybe in heavy traffic. It's so much more fun than an automatic, especially on mountain roads in Europe.

  • Jo - 5 years ago

    I injured my left leg years ago. I recovered, but did not get full range of motion back. That loss is permanent. I literally cannot drive a manual transmission. I can't lift my left foot high enough to operate the clutch pedal.

  • Kevin Terry - 5 years ago

    I learned to drive a stick on the farm as a kid but my first car was an automatic (slush box) Accord. When that tranny failed in college and a used replacement was 3 grand I knew from then on I wanted a stick in my hand. Now, 25+ years later I haven't had a slush box in the stable since. I even had my son learn to drive a stick on our '52 MG TD. He was a natural though his first vehicle was an automatic pickup. Unfortunately, it's about time to replace our 6sp manual '04 Maxima and it looks like we won't get another Maxima as all the tranny are CVT. Gag! As long as Subaru continues to make Outbacks with a true manual tranny I'll always have a modern car. But it they stop then I guess I'll have to use the TD as my daily driver. ;-)

  • Cindy Brinkman - 5 years ago

    I had learned to drive a tractor at 10 years old, but didn't know anything about cars. When I got to Germany a few months after it 'opened' my friend there had just bought a Spanish car, the 'SEAT' pronounced ze AT, because all the eastern Germans were buying all the BMWs and Mercedes. I learned to drive manual, on the autobahn, where you stay in the right lane as much as possible, because passers are going 120 mph easy. Plus $7/ gallon makes you think.

  • Josh porrata - 5 years ago

    I had a stick until recently and I loved it, I also loved the manual gearbox on my motorcycle. But I have to say, the automatic on my Acura shifts quickly and accurately. If I want it to stay in a particular gear I force it and I can even kinda pretend it's a manual. On the latest models there is no comparison, the automatics are not only faster but more fuel efficient. The manual is dying and while I'm sad to see it go, its not as though it's replacement is worse, its generally better.

  • Carl - 5 years ago

    Using an automatic transmission is not driving, it is pointing and going. One drives with a manual transmission.

  • Meredith - 5 years ago

    I once had to drive myself to the ER because my boyfriend at the time couldn't drive my car, which was a stick shift. Men - please man up and learn how to drive!

  • Jose Rentería - 5 years ago

    Of Curse, I've always driven stick, even on trips to San Francisco..which is sometimes somewhat challenging on steep streets.

  • caligal - 5 years ago

    Excluding my first car, '83 Toyota Tercel, all my vehicles have been manual: '91 Isuzu Amigo, '92 VW Golf and '06 Saturn Vue. Learned how to drive on a 3 speed '80 Ford Fairmont and a "3 on the tree" '73 Chevy Nova. Nova by far has been my favorite: no power steering or front wheel drive; we could whip shitties in the parking lot in winter like nobody's business. It was a tank.

  • Robert Fickert - 5 years ago

    Always had manual transmissions. When I went to buy an new pick-up truck two years ago, wound up with a Dodge--Ford no longer makes a manual transmission for their diesel pick-up trucks (3/4 ton). My son and daughter both learned to drive manual transmissions. Love picking the correct gear for the time and wouldn't have anything else for towing.

  • Robert Fickert - 5 years ago

    Always had manual transmissions. When I went to buy an new pick-up truck two years ago, wound up with a Dodge--Ford no longer makes a manual transmission for their diesel pick-up trucks (3/4 ton). My son and daughter both learned to drive manual transmissions. Love picking the correct gear for the time and wouldn't have anything else for towing.

  • Greg Prescott - 5 years ago

    I love a stick shift but haven't had one in 20 years. My favorite car to drive was my 73 Bug, easiest shifting car ever! Taught my sister how to drive stick in that car.

  • Christina - 5 years ago

    I learned how to drive a stick shift at 18, and all my cars to date have been manual transmission. And it saved me once in college—and the drunk person whose car I insisted on driving back to campus! Now that I'm living in a city, though, I think it's time to go for an automatic to cope with the stop-and -go traffic.

  • Nutty Kat - 5 years ago

    I have driven manual transmission in all my cars up until last year when I bought a Prius C. Love rowing the gears still in my old Honda Fit, but can be swayed to the automatic side of the force from here on out.

  • Kit Hope - 5 years ago

    I've owned a 3-speed, a 4-speed and a 5-speed but I'd be a damned fool to drive a stick in downtown Washington, DC.

  • Greg Rhodes - 5 years ago

    I have 3 standard shift and 3 automatics.....each have their place. I really doubt the whole 86% that say they can drive stick though.

  • Fred Speno - 5 years ago

    Had an Alfa Romeo in Italy a few years ago. It had a 6 speed manual and was fun to drive, except in the mountains. I got weary shifting gears so often, but the mileage was superb.

  • Nicole - 5 years ago

    When I bought my car 5 years ago, it only came in a manual. So I bought it and learned how to drive it. Won't ever go back.

  • Tasos - 5 years ago

    Learned on one, drive one now and proud my 16 yr old daughter is learning too. Must have this skill if traveling anywhere outside US.

  • Darren B - 5 years ago

    It's all I ever drive. It's what my wife drives as well. It keeps the riff-raff from borrowing our cars.

  • Jim - 5 years ago

    That's all I drive. Nothing else will do.

  • Mary Barclay - 5 years ago

    My brother and I both learned on a manual and last summer my husband and I taught my son how to use a stick-shift. He strenuously objected at first but now it's all he wants to drive and wants to buy one for himself. We will always have a manual car in all likelihood because they tend to be more economical (we have both). I think it makes sense for most drivers to know how to use one. You never know when you will need that skill, like in an emergency or just as a convenience when more than one driver is needed. When pressed, I would admit to enjoying driving my automatic transmission Camry over the older and barer-bones Nissan Versa my practical parents passed on to us. That's just a preference but I am proud to know how to drive a stick and prefer the Versa for long highway trips.

  • Bill - 5 years ago

    I can drive stick, but hate having it in heavy traffic. Given a choice, I would always choose an automatic trans

  • Rich Pinkall Pollei - 5 years ago

    Driving stick keeps me much more in tune with the car's behaviour than an automatic. Probably because I have to be more aware of it, but in any case, I'm much more attentive and aware when driving a stick.

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