Should taxpayer money fund the Calgary arena / sports complex project?

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Posted 4 years.


  • jody good - 4 years ago

    Sure King thinks the city should clean up the land and give it to them, why he says, it needs to be cleaned up anyway. LOL. What they should be doing is selling it to the highest bidder with a covenant attached that no development permits will be issued until it has been remediated. If the Flames want to do that they can compete with everyone else in the city that would be interested. Laughable that he was just on the morning news blathering about how they've come to the city with a half a billion dollars and the city should be jumping all over it! Ummm...what? Since when is 2 mil a half a billion dollars? Talk about falsifying info...or lying through your teeth.... but Nenshi and most of silly hall loves to spend opm and raise taxes so they'll be all over this!

  • Penelope - 4 years ago

    What are the chances that city hall will listen to the people anyway? Nenshi talks a good talk but only a few months ago he assured us nothing was in the works. It was just a respected Calgary business man stopping by his office for a chat. You don't come up with those kinds of plans overnight. Was Nemshi misleading us?

  • norma-jean - 4 years ago

    Lets, see The City will be stuck with an aging Saddledome, huge maintenance bills, limited as to what will go in there, Stampede has the BMO&Agrium. So after a few years of money losing operation, Demolition who pays? taxpayers. The old GSL/Bus depot site, who cleans up that site.. the City(taxpayers) 300million, which we all know that will increase. So let the owners, who will own it, figure it out, that should be easy after all they have built international companies. Put the Field house up in Mahon, this is the first time this is attached, the old hook and bait. Oh and by the way the city KEPT $52 million of taxpayers money that should have been returned PLUS another $36 million recently was announced. They have picked our bones enough. Next argument will be, oh we will leave the city.

  • Jay - 4 years ago

    No mention about who pays for the land. The city owns the land so I suspect King expects to get it for free. So as taxpayers we are giving them the land and chipping in 200 million on top. Then there's the clean up costs, again no mention so the taxpayer will be on the hook. Sounds like a great deal for Flames and a shaft for the taxpayers.

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