Who Was "Best Dressed" At The Teen Choice Awards? [Females]

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  • Sue Adams - 4 years ago

    CHLOE is absolutely stunning at all times and she has so many different looks. She looks great in every thing she wears. This dress that she wore at TLC was nothing but beautiful. CHLOE and Ricky are an adorable couple.

  • Fussle104 - 4 years ago

    Why would Maddie be in the list? Her dress was awful and she didn't win anything. She lost and was a sore looser! She needs to eat some humble pie and realize people don't like bratty kids. Ugh.not everything is about Maddie.

  • Joyce Gale Snawder - 4 years ago

    Chloe's dress was stunning,fit her perfect,she looked beautiful,she had a glow about her...Best Dressed !!!!!

  • Sue Adams - 4 years ago

    I don't see where it says how often we can vote and if there is other places to vote.

  • nancy - 4 years ago

    Victoria ~~ what did Maddie Win?? NADA. This is for the ones that were in the TEEN CHOICE awards!!

  • P - 4 years ago

    Victoria if anyone is UNFAIR it Maddie and Abby !

  • Victoria - 4 years ago

    why isn't Maddie or JoJo from Dance Moms on the voting list for best dressed? Totally unfair! Looks like a trick to make Chloe win unfairly!

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