Are elected officials doing enough to advance Guam's political status? (Poll Closed)

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  • Paradise Island - 6 years ago

    Allowing the 8k half Chamorro/half other nationalities to vote for the future of Guam is totally apprehensible, irresponsible and unfair to the people of Guam.

  • NoScuba - 6 years ago

    I'm Chamoru and I say let all residents vote. The time has passed when Chamoru's were the majority and our leaders brought us to this point. You get what you vote for. We can't turn the clock back.

  • notsonative - 6 years ago

    @Patrick A. Guzman I never planned on working with Guam's senior citizens as my childhood dream, yet I was forced to spend years of learning Native Guamanian in primary school that could have been spent learning more useful languages that would have benefitted me economically, such as Japanese, Mandarin, or Spanish.

    What do these languages have in common? They are languages of business in economically-significant countries, much like the English language, and are widely spoken. Native Guamanian? Not at all, except in Gov. Guam gossip circles and old folks' homes, and I agree with you that many native speakers already speak English anyway.

    Patrick, my childhood learning time and our government's education funds have been wasted in attempts to reach an unrealistic Guamanian utopian dream. Place the language in history books and make it voluntary to learn. If students voted by electing language courses, I bet Native Guamanian would be first to go.

    And, yes, I do understand the difference between ethnicity and citizenship. This understanding does not make Native Guamanian culture any more appealing to me. Frankly, I find Star Trek and the Klingon language more fascinating, which is probably more widely adopted.

  • Patrick A. Guzman - 6 years ago

    Notsonative what a pathetic and cowardly post. Do you even know the difference between nationality, ethnicity, or race? Useless language? Try listening to a couple of elderly folks communicate at a senior citizen's center? Do you realize English is their second language? And yeah they won't argue otherwise... in order to assimilate. And your idea is to eradicate their native language? I am Chamorro! and while I do believe it shouldn't be a Chamorro-only vote, its your pathetic, cowardly, baseless post that would sway my beliefs otherwise. Done

  • alvaro808 - 6 years ago

    This is an issue that has been going on for a VERY LONG time, and sooner or later the People of Guam (and not just the Chamoru community) will need to decide which form of political relationship they want to have with the United States. A Chamoru only vote, as fair and just as that will seem based on the historical record, will only sow the seeds of ethnic conflict on Guam. That is not a good road to travel on.....

  • notsonative - 6 years ago

    I identify as "Native Guamanian", but know many long-time residents of foreign or stateside descent who possess more local mannerisms and loyalty to the island than I do. We should let their voices be heard since their livelihoods, businesses, children, etc. could be affected by racially discriminatory public policy.

    Truthfully, I wish I was born somewhere else and could care less about tradition or our vain attempts at preserving a dying, useless language. I know more about other, more admirable cultures than my own, yet my vote is still considered valid just because I am of Native Guamanian descent.

    Set a residency requirement for eligibility (must reside in Guam for at least 24 months, for example) and allow all of these individuals of majority age to vote on our political status. Done.

  • Islander 2 - 6 years ago

    Just as long we guamanians get to vote on our islands political future and not just "Chamorros " we Asians , Caucasians , blacks , who reside here , born and raised here should have a say in our islands future . To let those who call themselves Chamorro ( mixed blood , no pure blooded exist ) decide on our islands future is discriminatory and divisive , unfair and distasteful . I don't want my island to become a commonwealth ,
    I would rather have Guam become a State or remain a U.S. Territory with the eligibility to vote on our president . I'm sur the majority of Guamanians feel the same.

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