Hottest of the Hottest - Round 1, Match 2
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  • KeithButcher - 1 year ago

    While Onifade , against other opponents, could stand and deliver a great fight,,,,against Halls he was hopelessly out-matched.. Halls took his time in destroying the beautifully built Onifade..Once he saw he had him , Halls decided to use him for practice....Body slams , bearhugs , over the knee stretches , gut punches....Halls,,, in 5 minutes had Onifade begging him to put him away..."C'mon , end it , finish me off." Halls spit in his face just as he drove his right fist straight into his nose..Blood flowed as the beaten man staggered , barely able to stay erect.....Finally, Halls granted Onifade his wish...Holding the beaten man up , Halls drew back his left fist , his 17" bicep bulging and let fly a straight fist to the chin...The muscular hunk never knew what hit him ....When he came to minutes later he was aware of Halls standing over him ..He crawled over to his masters feet and started a slow climb up Halls muscular legs to his knees......The night had only begun!!! By morning , every part of Onifade's body ached!!!

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