Do you Approve of the Steelers Signing of Michael Vick?

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Poll posted 4 years ago.


  • Liaa - 4 years ago

    This disgusting human being is a low life criminal. Playing professional.sports should be a privilege for law abiding players. Not only is he a criminal, he us a heartless psychopath. The way those dogs suffered is incomprehensible to any person who is a compassionate and caring normal human. This monster should not be allowed to see the inside of a football stadium again and he should have never been allowed to see the outside of a jail cell. I wish this scumbag nothing but nisery.

  • lori - 4 years ago

    You think he paid for his crimes? He did not serve one day for what he did to those furry critters...He served some time for putting some money into the operation. The ability, or want (need) to kill an dog, who is innocent, by the way, is like being able to kill a two year old child. They have almost the same mental capacity. Psychologically speaking, Vick is a sociopath, and is incapable of feeling remorse. He deserves to rot in hell. I am not saying I am perfect, but I know I would never feel that it is funny or fun to kill an animal, in any manner, especially the way he did so.
    I also agree, Big Ben did settle out of court...what does that tell you about the woman who settled for that? I am a woman, but I would be damned if I was hurt, or assaulted, if anyone would be able to make it go away with a dollar. Money ain't shit, but I guess it made her pain go away. Seriously, no comparison.

  • Big g - 4 years ago

    Steeler fan please remember that could have been your daughter Big Ben fucked without permission be for real yall some simple minded people Vick went to prison Ben came back to work who's really fucked up

  • Jeff - 4 years ago

    steelers QB Rothelesberger was charged with sexual assault but settled out of court.. Smh people are stupid

  • bonnie - 4 years ago

    His punishment was not strong enough for what he did to those innocent animals. He is a disgusting excuse for a human

  • kiki - 4 years ago

    Mike Vick made a horrible mistake and paid his dues.It appears he has moved on since his dog fighting days. I just hope he can put all that behind him and help the steelers win their. 7th super bowl..GO STEELERS.......

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