Is Ashley Madison to blame for cheaters committing suicide?


  • terrill shorter - 9 years ago

    Its the shame of getting caught that is causing these people to commit suicide. These dating sites especially Ashley Madison use Bots with good looking pics to lure dudes in. The bots you are talking to are people in China or Malaysia that are just chatting with you for "fantasy" purposes. Don't believe me look up their terms of service. The specific reason why the hackers released the information was to show that this whole thing is a hoax played upon people who want to cheat. The site is a pretty slick and legal way to obtain prostitution services under the guise of relationship. You have to pay to be a member pay to speak to someone pay to respond back to them pay for a "larger" message box to receive incoming messages from (bots of course). The whole thing is a scam. Yes you can actually get laid on the site but the women who are really available don't look nothing like the bots. The site is 95% bots.

  • Mike in London - 9 years ago

    No, and neither are the people who leaked the database.

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