Do you think the governor's Imagine Guam initiative is worthwhile? (Poll Closed)

  • Yes
    300 votes

  • No
    167 votes

  • I'm not sure
    56 votes


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  • Cj - 4 years ago

    Good points Islander 2! First of all, you couldn't fill a book with what I know about outcomes and possibilities. It's apparent by your bad grammar, you are poorly educated. So let me educate you my fellow Guamanian.

    I agree that we should keep Guam beautiful and pristine, but where did you draw your assumption about filling the island with concrete? Is this in a report you read? Please forward me the link if you will.

    I have some assumptions of my own. I assume you travel through the jungles to get around the island. God forbid you step on the paved roads you despise you hate so much. I assume you make your own clothes and grow your own food because I have no clue how you procure goods without stepping into concrete store.

    I also agree that we should protect the youth. If we follow your logic, the youth should be placed in sub-standard (non-concrete) structures. Show the people of Guam how it's done and put your children and grandchildren in a wooden house and tin roof during the next typhoon.

    Additionally, I support those who best support the island of Guam. Whether that be Imagine Guam or a similar plan. I am impartial and have dedicated my life working towards the protection of Guam and its people. On more than one occasion, I have personally placed my life on the line in order to protect your freedoms. I am justice. I am equality.

    It only makes sense that you speak without providing "concrete" evidence considering your hatred for the material.

    If you really want to affect change, call Jackson and run together during the next election. I'm sure your smear campaign of the current administration and lack of a platform will win you votes.

  • Islander 2 - 4 years ago

    calvo's initiative would pour concrete on every piece of real estate as long as it has a positive effect on his pockets or his families pockets , maintaining those areas will never come in mind , just look at all the public buildings that are in dire need of repair . Keeping Guam beautiful doesn't mean erecting concrete structures in the name of monetary income , protecting our youth shouldn't include the overdevelopment of our island . What ever happened to promoting the natural beauty of our Island ? Most of our tourist come from a concrete jungle only to come and be greeted by more concrete every time they return , our tourist will choose another destination to find a more peaceful place to relax I assure you.
    Tumon is overdeveloped and its infrastructure is eroding, floods are getting worse and the nothing is being done to solve it. Very nice initiative so far . CJ doesn't think about the outcome of all these so-called initiatives , he probably is a Calvo supporter that really doesn't think of solving the problems our island has now but to add on to it by going with the flow . Please protect what's left of our islands natural beauty , Please .

  • Cj - 4 years ago

    I can Imagine Guam without people like you in it. I do not know how your negative commentarions on a PDN poll site makes Guam a better place. Who cares if the plan collects dust or not? None of us can tell how this experiment will play out, but at least there's original thought, creative thinking, and the willingness to think beyond ones own lifespan. Rachel the Realistic Downer, you lack vision my dear. You want to affect change? Then run for office and show the people of Guam mettle. If not, continue to practice abusing your God given right of freedom of speech from the darkness of your unimaginative bedroom you God awful person.

  • Zeppa - 4 years ago

    I agree with Jackson. Tackle the priorities for the remainder of this year (God only nods his head for what's delayed next year). 50 years ? Pls stop wasting our tax money....

  • Jackson - 4 years ago

    It's a waste of time and certainly a distraction. Seems a way to employ Troy Torres and whomever others they have brought on board for this project. Here is the million dollar concern.... They don't even have a 1, 5, or 10 year plan in place for a number of priorities, yet they want to plan for something 50 years from now. 10 administrations will easily create their own priorities and visions, thus rendering this visions as a waste of paper. Let's be realistic here and stop wasting the taxpayers time. Not being a "Debbie Downer", but rather a "Realistic Rachel", and most importantly, just tired of politicians playing perception games where they say or do nice things to distract the voters. Makes you want to imagine things.

  • Franklin Maurer - 4 years ago

    You mean the "Calvo" Initiative?!

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