Do You "Eco-Drive"?

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Posted 11 years.


  • Y Pedersen - 11 years ago

    By avoiding hilly routes where you are forced to accelerate to higher speeds and then stop, I have picked up another 5 mpg on my Civic Hybrid. By paying attention to the tire pressure and keeping the RPM's below 2 whenever possible you can pick up more mileage. We have gotten close to 50 mph and hope to get over that hump sometime. Nothing like driving a 50 miles knowing you only spent $4. It is so cool!

  • Mike M - 11 years ago

    The most hypermilling I do is drafting large trucks on the highway. I watch my MPG readout go from 29 MPG at 70 MPH to 35 MPG or better. Besides that, I use my bicycle for all trips under 10 miles

  • Jim Ryan - 11 years ago

    I drive a ZENN (Zero Emmissions No Noise) 100% electric vehicle (EV).
    It is a Limited Use vehicle with a maximum speed of 25 MPH.
    Without even trying the energy usage equivalent to 1 gallon of gas gives me about 250 miles, or 250 miles per gallon.

  • Amy K - 11 years ago

    After reading about hypermilers, I wouldn't say I do that, but I do get better-than-EPA mpg in my car. I just try not to drive like an idiot (hard, when you're enraged by rush hour traffic) and follow basic driving rules. Like staying close to the speed limit, leaving a good following distance, coasting when feasible, etc.

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