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Which crew member will NOT survive the shocking season one finale? (Poll Closed)

Total Votes: 261

  • Richard M - 8 years ago

    Sorry I missed the deadline. Such an amazing prize.

    Here's a prize I would like - one of those thousands of cube-like things (See? I was following your early blog days ... the whiskey club, the cat of the day tops, the weird socks days, strange items wanted/for sale notices on the fridge, etc.) I never remembered seeing the cubes, though,

  • chevron7 - 8 years ago

    Thanks for having an international competition Joe. Much appreciated.

    Cheers, Chev

  • Purple - 8 years ago

    I haven't watched it yet, nor have I read any comments/spoilers. I say they all survive

  • LisaE - 8 years ago

    They'll all survive

  • Anneroo - 8 years ago

    Someone else
    They all survive

  • jim lawson - 8 years ago

    The Android
    The Android

    Thanks !

  • PBMom - 8 years ago

    I think One dies. I think this and finding out who she is about is why Two leaves. Of course Syfy did put in the promo showing Six on the ground & Five screaming, so either they still don't have this "STOP SHOWING US THE PEOPLE WHO DIE IN AN EPISODE" problem worked out, or its a decoy. And technically Six did die in a previous episode which is how he found out he is a clone). Although I am split between One dying and Three dying. And now I'm thinking my vote might be wrong. We know One is a clone too but not how he ended up looking like Jace Corso. We don't know if Three is a clone yet. So likely this will be the guess that trips me up. LOL. But since everyone is saying "Holy Shit" I don't believe "no one dies" is the right answer because no one dying doesn't lead up to a "holy shit" finale moment. The Android has not "died" yet, but I don't think she can die in a technical sense. So there we have my reasoning moment. And I'm likely wrong.

  • PL Alston - 8 years ago

    Alas - the Android will not survive

  • amphix1 - 8 years ago

    They will all survive
    (Unless the Android technically "dies" but can come back again)

  • woody woodward - 8 years ago

    I'm saying they all survive. Because I'm not ready to lose any friends.

  • Travis Stanford - 8 years ago

    1. No one.
    2. Someone else
    3. Someone else
    4. They will all survive.
    I know that I am totally wrong we all of these answers. I bet Joe and company filmed every possible scenario and they will just plug in each one that gets the lowest polling numbers.

  • Lennart Petersson - 8 years ago

    Well I hope that all will survive, and that there is a season two!

  • Rebecca Sims - 8 years ago

    They all survive.

  • Skua - 8 years ago

    They'll all survive

  • Fernando - 8 years ago


  • ceresis64 - 8 years ago

    They'll all survive

  • Mike A. - 8 years ago

    The Android. Her programming is taking a turn for the worse and I can see a "deep seeded subroutine" engaging as a fail safe that will initiate some sort of memory-based auto-destruct. Before that happens, though, she'll be bonding with FIVE and FIVE will figure out a way to download her consciousness and memories into the Raza's computer which will be later used to upload into a new, carbon-copy ANDROID(same looks and everything).

    Am I close? Probably not. It's why I hate guessing. ;)

  • Laura H - 8 years ago

    The android (is she technically alive and can she therefore 'survive'?)

  • Tamara - 8 years ago


  • stacy fincher - 8 years ago

    two, the android, someone else, they'll all survive

  • SGW1 - 8 years ago

    Voted for six

  • Jenny Horn - 8 years ago


  • smellycat - 8 years ago

    Mmm .. I hesitated with 6 .. but chose "They'll all survive" :)

  • Johnhoff3 - 8 years ago

    They all survive

  • David (Davo the Geek) Armour - 8 years ago

    They all make it. Come on, seriously? Don't go all GoT on us. Five screams, looks like Four is down ... Another red herring I'm sure!!

  • geekonrjosh - 8 years ago

    Hoping they all make it, but if someone dies, my guess is the Android.

  • Shuth - 8 years ago

    One. I hope they all survive but I think he'll be replaced by the real Jace Corso.

  • airelle - 8 years ago

    they all survive,,,,,, come on ,,happy happy.... I think I need some chocolate...

  • JimFromJersey - 8 years ago

    They all survive.

  • Chelsea - 8 years ago

    They'll all survive

  • Chris - 8 years ago

    They all survive.

  • gingerjane - 8 years ago

    They all survive. Joe can't kill off any of them as that'll make the viewers mad!

  • Allison - 8 years ago

    They all survive - I hope

  • David G - 8 years ago

    i voted for "They'll all survive". We just met the crew. No way are we losing one of them already.

  • Ganymede - 8 years ago

    "they all survive".

    ...Unless Someone DIDN'T sign a multi-year contract..? Or, ate one of the FISH..?

  • Tim G - 8 years ago

    I voted for "They All Survive."

  • Brandon Williford - 8 years ago

    Six. :(

  • Maggie L80 - 8 years ago

    They all survive! It's what I want & how it has to be! There's gonna be 5 seasons, still plenty of room for character development plus our guys & gals don't wear no red shirts except for Android's "clone".

  • tagit22 - 8 years ago

    They all survive.

  • Kathy Ringo - 8 years ago

    they all survive

  • Darren - 8 years ago


  • Joanne Verbeek - 8 years ago

    All of them survive.

  • Vixx - 8 years ago

    They all survive

  • Noellam - 8 years ago

    six, five, the android, they'll all survive

  • gforce - 8 years ago

    I said they all survive, because... they had better!

  • Misnglinke - 8 years ago

    I think they'll all survive, but not as they were.

  • Eileen/Sparrow_hawk - 8 years ago

    DANG ! I voted for Two - mostly because I'm pretty sure she can be revived. But now I'm wondering about One. He can be replaced by the real Jace Corso. And, since it's pretty clear that One will eventually have a show-down with Three, One is doomed. Can I change my vote to One? Plleeeeeeeze?

  • Ponytail - 8 years ago

    They ALL survive. They better!!!! Or you're in big trouble Mister Man!!!!! I might have to come up there and make you re-write that final episode, since I am your number one fan!!!!

  • Susie Gaskins - 8 years ago

    I voted "They'll all survive"

  • Glenda - 8 years ago

    They all survive.

  • BadassMerLo - 8 years ago

    All of them survive - come on we want Season 2 with the whole cast on board

  • JeffW - 8 years ago's revenge gone bad.

  • dragonstone83 - 8 years ago

    i voted one

  • elminster - 8 years ago

    1 voted for the bottom answer in all cases.


  • Shelley neinet - 8 years ago


  • Tammy Roberts - 8 years ago

    I voted they all survive

  • CathyL_66 - 8 years ago

    I voted they all survive.

  • tk - 8 years ago

    I picked The Android for all but the last one. That one I picked They All Survive, because that's what I want. I also want five seasons, but alas! I don't get to vote on that one. Thanks for a great first season, Joe!

  • KathyC - 8 years ago


  • Shana - 8 years ago

    This was the hardest question for me. While I don't doubt that someone could get bumped off, and am expecting it, I voted they all survive. I going for optimism. Just don't be Five, or Four!

  • Daithi - 8 years ago

    I voted 'They'll all survive'. With a cast like this I certainly hope they do anyway

  • shyone65 - 8 years ago

    I said one....being there are two of them.

  • Frances Fung - 8 years ago

    I voted "They'll all survive."

  • Jyo kataria - 8 years ago

    Love the show #2Boss & android rock this show.

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