Who Will Join the WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2016
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  • stephen gill - 5 years ago

    I think you have named many potentials and likely candidates for 2016 (love your blog by the way).
    Going through the names..
    Sting - I think they will wait on this one until maybe the year after as I really think he will get a big match at Mania 32 maybe the Undertaker vs Sting match.
    Jushin Liger- This is very likely as he has been working for NXT and it would not surprise me if the HOF is part of the deal. It adds a big international star and a true legend.
    Jackie Moore- I am sceptical on this one, as much as I respect her work, I am not convinced she has had a HOF career. She was mostly enhancement talent and her 2 reigns as Women's champion were very short and transitional. I would never say never but I think more likely and deserving names of the past would be Miss Elizabeth, Luna Vachon, Sable, Chyna (I know that isn't happening) and Victoria.
    Fabulous Freebirds- Very likely, long overdue so I think the tag team/group induction will 90% likely be them.
    JBL- Again I am confident on this one too, WWE will love to say WWE Hall of famer JBL on commentary. JBL deserves it for his overall career, it was lengthy and he had decent success and was a main event heel.
    Owen Hart- Although it seems more likely than in the past with the new DVD on the horizon, I am still not sure if they will go ahead with an induction without his widow's permission. This could go either way.
    Celebrity- Is a given. I hate celebrity inductions personally but if we have to have them then Cyndi Lauper or Andy Kaufman are the only names that made something memorable out of their foray into wrestling.
    Undertaker- Maybe, they need a big name and who could be bigger in Texas than Undertaker, a true legend that does not need any explanation. Possible now that his career seems to be heading to the final chapter.

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