How should Bufo refer to the current generation least expensive Kindle?


  • John Aga - 7 years ago

    I would turn one of your suggestions around. We have Kindle Voyage and Kindle Paperwhite. I would suggest for the basic Kindle we give it the name Kindle Basic. That would fit the pattern of the other Kindle devices. In addition, if you wanted to abbreviate them due to repetition in an article they could then become known as KV, KP and KB respectively.

  • Bufo Calvin - 7 years ago

    Lou Anne: I appreciate the kind words!

    Edward: I didn't think to put in that's an interesting idea. I'm curious though: why VG instead of KV (for Kindle Voyage)? That seems more consistent...

    Oh, and of course, you'd have K1 for the first model of the Kindle.

    Generally, I see this:


    for the first three models.

  • Edward Boyhan - 7 years ago

    Rather than "basic kindle", I'd prefer "Kindle Basic". Abbreviations matter when writing about these things -- so you'd have KB, KDX, KT, KK, PW, PW2, PW3, VG.

  • Lou Anne Leonard - 7 years ago

    Not surprisingly, here we see Bufo Calvin being modest, inclusive and ... fun! Living his values. Let's crowd-source some ideas toward a neologism for himself: Tau of Calvin. Bhav of Bufo. Te of ILMK! So interesting and so hugely helpful. How does one capture that in a tweet sized bite?

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