Hottest of the Hottest - Round 1, Match 3

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  • KeithButcher - 3 years ago

    Mills and Scott battled it out from the opening bell...Locking up in mid-ring, the two warriors muscular bodies strained to dominate the other...Scott picked up Mills and body-slammed him into the mat..Pulling him to his feet,Scott wrapped Mills up in a tremendous bear-hug......As Scott's biceps bulged,he tightened his grip...Mills head was draped over Scott' broad shoulder..Both fighters were fully erect as the battle continued...Scott drove Mills back into the corner and started hammering away at his gut......Lefts and rights pounded the stud until he started to collapse...Scott held Mills head back with his left hand and drove a brutal right uppercut towards his jaw...Scott,thinking this would be the knockout punch was stunned when Mills suddenly came alive..Mills right hand shot up and stopped the fist in mid-air...Mills fists suddenly erupted...Left and right hooks hammered Scotts jaw,,backing him across the ring......A total of 10 unanswered punches drove the muscular stud across the ring into the opposite corner.......Trapping Scott in the corner Mills continued the beating....Blood flowed from Scott's nose and mouth as Mills looked to finish him off......Staggering , Scott desperately fought back , trading punches with Mills......Two vicious fists from Mills to his jaw and Scott knew he had nearly run out of time.....The nearly beaten man dug deep and brought a hard right uppercut from the floor , rocketing it into the point of Mills chin...The powerful punch drove Mills body 2 inches off the mat...Staggering backwards to mid ring the unconscious Mills slammed to the mat on his back.....OUT COLD !!!!!!! Scott staggered over and straddled his victim and spit on the knocked cold Mills ,landing across his face and into his gaping mouth. Scott was fully erect at 9 inches....

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