Would you go through the stones, if you could? (Poll Closed)

  • Of course, if Jamie Fraser was waiting for me!
    393 votes

  • No, I wouldn't survive in an earlier time.
    41 votes

  • Maybe for a short visit, but not to live there permanently.
    194 votes

  • No, I'd miss the conveniences of modern life too much.
    31 votes

  • Yes! I'd love to see the 18th century.
    128 votes

  • No, I couldn't leave my family and friends here.
    68 votes

  • No, it sounds too dangerous.
    3 votes

  • Yes, but I'd have to bring some essential items with me.
    73 votes

  • No. I like reading about it and/or watching it on TV, but I have no desire to time-travel myself.
    91 votes

  • I'm not sure.
    18 votes

  • No, it took a lot of hard work to live in the 18th century.
    21 votes

  • I don't believe time-travel is possible.
    12 votes

  • Other
    31 votes


  • Pat walker - 4 years ago

    Hell yes. If Jamie was there I'd be there in a New York minute

  • Loretta Cable - 4 years ago

    I agree with Kass B... if I knew that a "Jamie" was waiting for me, I'd be there in a second! Would be nice to be able to control the stones, though, so I could come & go without losing a lot of years.

  • Trish hutcheon - 4 years ago

    I would go in the hopes of seeing my ancestors, how they lived and coped in the 18th century

  • kass B - 4 years ago

    I'd go back to the 18th century for Jamie or anyone that would love me even half as much as Jamie loves Claire.

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