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  • Betty Jane Kiely - 3 years ago

    I have had a heart condition for 40 years. I also have a serious lung condition. After about 10 sessions of treatment, I feel 10 years younger. I am much less short of breath and feel less fatigue. I highly recommend Mark Ma as a acupuncture specialist. His treatments are highly effective for those with chronic pain and any chronic health condition. He is extremely professional and is devoted to the traditional Chinese practice of acupuncture. It certainly worked well for me.

    Betty Jane Kiely

  • Shawn Williams - 3 years ago

    I was referred to Mark Ma at Acupuncture One by family, when looking for a nearby clinic. I've been to multiple TCM doctors over the years and can tell when they are knowledgeable. Mark immediately impressed me with his understanding of health and treatment!!! He pays attention and genuinely cares about helping his patients.

    I was feeling sluggish and wanted help with my energy levels, and focus for work. Mark's approach is to diagnose and treat the root cause with simple and effective techniques. My energy increased right away and I knew I had found a special healer in TCM.

    Mark's prices are the most affordable I've seen! His experience & training in Chinese medicine is excellent. His English is fluent and he is easy to communicate with. (This is not always true for acupuncturists in Toronto) Many practices will charge more and not have the same quality results. Each visit I learn something new about my body and health. Definitey, I have seen benefits from treatment with Mark, in a short time.

    Some extra Info: Acupuncture One is (currently) conveniently located in the lower level of a medical clinic. Clean facilities, bathroom, heating & A/C. Mark cares about privacy & comfort and uses sterile needles/equipment. Modern technology and easy billing as Mark is Certified in Ontario. Free parking and there's a TTC stop next door.

    In short: Great price, Great care, Great results! I don't often do reviews. But I'm happy I was referred to Acupuncture One, and am happy to tell you to do the same! The decision to try chinese medicine and a visit with Mark Ma, could be great for your health and quality of life. Cheers!

  • Sam Aptsis - 3 years ago

    Very positive experience at accupuncture one. Dr. Mark Ma is pleasant, polite, and professional. He is extremely knowledgable, and takes the time to explain his treatment and the expected outcome. He is honest, genuine, and truly cares about his patient's health and well-being.

  • Sheldeen Schoberg - 4 years ago

    Found this doctor and place online via a Google search and it has been the best thing I have ever did. Dr. Mark Ma is knowledgeable, kind and his treatment really works. He is also super affordable, better than other acupuncturists in the same area, and bills the insurance company directly. Everyone should go to acupuncture one. Dr. Ma will change your life!

    Sheldeen Schoberg

  • Rita Persaud - 4 years ago

    Mark Ma
    I started treatment with him the end of 2015. I am a health care professional. I injued my left side. I had several doctors told me I had to change my job. I couldnot pickup a glass of water. With Mark Ma service I am back to my full time job. Do not hésitante to try to use Mark service you will not regret it. It is money well spent.

    Rita Persaud

  • Kostandinos Kontogianopoulos - 4 years ago

    Our experience today with Dr. Mark Ma was amazing! He did an amazing job, my pain has not felt so good in a long time, and 75% of pain is gone. He's excellent.

  • Janet - 5 years ago



  • Karen Dixon - 5 years ago

    I came to Mr. Ma with intense pain in my right shoulder/arm. I could not lift my arm above shoulder height. Mr. Ma inserted one needle and ask me to move my arm around and I was able to lift it higher, well above my shoulder, after the one treatment.

  • Jiangchun Li - 5 years ago

    Dear Mr. Ma,

    I am a firm believer in Chinese medicine. As expected, when you provided treatment for my wife’s headache, it got cured instantly. Thank you so much! Good luck with everything!

    Jiangchun Li

  • Ron - 5 years ago

    I had a light stroke about 2 years ago, and my right side was paralyzed for a short period of time. My hands and feet felt cold and there was pain in my hips, waist and shoulder. After the first treatment session with Mr. Ma, not only the pain reduced, my hands and feet became warm again. After the second treatment, the pain went away. I never thought acupuncture could work so well. The service here is amazing!

  • Lily H. - 5 years ago

    I had pain in my lower back, it was stiff and numb, and it made me feel there was a plate across the lower back. To my amazement, with only 2 needles, Mr. Ma was able to dispel the numbness instantly and my back was 80% back to normal in just half an hour. The treatment was very effective, much better than what I had experienced before.

  • Georgia - 5 years ago

    I met Mr. Ma at my school one day, and he began to tell me about the services he provided. I was very intrigued. He told me that he knew Ancient Chinese Acupuncture that was taught to him by a very special man named Dr. Ou in China.

    He continued to explain to me that he learned how to provide relief from illness with one pin, I was in awe. I have a father who has been full of pain for many years, after his car accident in 1983. Mr. Ma came to my home and did a house visit for my father and provided his Level D Acupuncture, which is reserved for Stroke Patients. Mr. Ma only resorted to Level D, after Level A, B and C did not phase my father's pain. Mr. Ma was amazed at my father's tolerance for pain, and informed me that my father must be in a lot of pain, as he requires the relief that would be provided to that of Stroke Patient.

    Mr. Ma continued his treatment which included a full frontal and full back of needles, including the head, neck and spine. This treatment resulted in 40 percent pain relief the next morning, as my father was heading to Tonga Island with his beloved wife and my mom.

    After this treatment for my father, I became a Mr. Ma believer and requested my own personal treatment for my Endometriosis at which Mr. Ma executed Level A1 and B1 treatment on myself, and I like a pin doll in those commercials, experienced instant back pain relief at a percentage of 98%. It was a miracle.

    Mr. Ma now treats my father regularly with Level D1. My father is very happy and I am very happy that our family has found Mr. Ma and he has found us.

    I am writing this review as my father is sleeping on Mr. Ma's treatment table after a Level D1 treatment. It is obvious that the significant pain relief he experienced today, has resulted in a cat nap. My father has major difficulty sleeping due to pain and in turn high anxiety that results from his non stop pain, which was a result of his tragic car accident at the age of 33 years old, which left him in the hospital for 2 years after the accident, learning how to walk, talk and eat again. His legs underwent, virtually complete re-constructive surgery within the 2 years he was in the hospital. He was not suppose to walk, talk or eat again, but he did against all odds. In fact, today the only remnants of the car accident are the physical scars on his legs, and the trauma to his spine which has resulted in on-going daily pain.

    Today's treatment resulted in 50% pain relief. I am very happy!!!

    Thank you Mr. Ma for your help with my father's on-going Level D / Stroke pain.

  • Wendy - 5 years ago

    I had a number of health problems before, including pain symptoms, cataract, heart arrhythmia, digestive disorder, ..., and Mark corrected all of them for me, with acupuncture/herbal medicine therapy. Typically the results are instantaneous with acupuncture, and within a few hours for herbal medicine. I would highly recommend seeing Mark for your health problems. It works.

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