What do you most want the pope to address during his US visit?

Posted 3 years.


  • 2Be4Peace - 3 years ago

    So... I'm thinking about this terrible wound in Oregon
    and I am looking at the survey of things people wanted the Pope
    to speak to during his visit.

    This your man
    wasn't an immigrant
    wasn't poor
    wasn't dealing with same-sex marriage
    or climate change!
    Abortion? maybe in the all life matters...

    I remember when a peace movement was
    about ending wars and nuclear disarmament.
    Now... a peace movement would need to start
    on a block by block scale of disarmament...
    and even that! has a slim to none probability.
    Why? because people really believe they need
    several thousand pounds of metal and wheels
    to feel 'safe' to go two blocks to a grocery store
    for milk and box of pampers.

    This young man had 13 weapons, and calling
    it a 'long gun' I guess is to take the fierce out of
    assault rifles. We have normalized violence.
    The outrageous response is the one that goes

    October 2nd was Gandhi's birthday, and
    I was accidentally present for a "flash"
    sit-in meditation for peace and nonviolence.
    A sign went up, mats came out, people began
    sitting down... mat-less, I chose shoe less and
    down on the dirt... 30 minutes, as the sun quietly

    Before we can talk about peace, we have to uproot
    the reality of normalized violence... the betrayal of trust...
    when abuse of ANYONE can be manipulated into justified
    and the victim is criminalized so no comfort zones are disturbed.

    It isn't just about the guns!
    or poverty or immigration or abortion
    or climate change....
    Its about rage in hearts! in minds
    when presidential wanna be's aspire to
    violent rhetoric to grab the lead in a news cycle
    is as much a terrorist act as a gunman in a school
    or a suicide bomber in a marketplace.

    And somebody, somebody, makes a conscious
    decision to reward the violence... by aiding it in
    going viral. Viral Violence... creepy.

  • Pnkn - 3 years ago

    I wish for the pope to teach on the faith and what the beliefs of Catholicism are. Local bishops can apply the teaching to everyday life as needed.

  • 2Be4Peace - 3 years ago

    Dear Holy Father...

    Please teach us how to become the Instruments of God's Peace...
    In the prayer of St. Francis is the Good News of Jesus Christ's answer
    to the violence that is expressed so easily today... Together we pray
    Lord, make me an instrument of your peace.
    and yet too often the chosen instrument of peace is merely another form
    of violence inflicted on a slightly different victim. It is still violence...
    I just can't seem to find the words to express the grief of generations
    who cannot even remember when it was simply safe to play... just play.

  • 2Be4Peace - 3 years ago

    Had I noticed this option sooner, I would have posted here. It continues my post to the UN speech content.
    Really, all of the issues mentioned in your poll are forms of violence... among a litany of other expressions of violence that are now completely normalized. We have lost sight of the relationship of nonviolence to peace.
    It is the radical nature of Jesus Christ's call to discipleship. I can only contrast what we once regarded to what we celebrate now... it is heartbreaking.

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