What's the most important thing you do to keep your "edge"?

  • Casey Hemphill - 9 years ago

    Managing my ADHD with physical activity in combination with medication has improved my concentration in the classroom and dillegence with school work. My running routine has improved my self confidence, productivity, and efficiency.

  • Ves - 9 years ago

    I take medication, and eat healthy and sleep a lot.

  • Sophia - 12 years ago

    I just want to say that I currently have a disabilities counselor at the college I will be attending beginning August 24, 2009. I mostly do all of the above mentioned. I make sure to keep up with all my appointments, stay in contact with my psychiatrist and my disabilities counselor. I have been and always will be compliant with my treatment. I find that when I use above mentioned to keep myself on track, it is much easier to make it through the day.

  • Peggy - 13 years ago

    I find I need to do all of the above!!!

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