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Should it be a crime to encourage someone to kill themselves?

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  • terrill shorter - 7 years ago

    If I can somehow through 1 conversation mind fuck Jessie Lee Peterson or Ann Coulter into jumping into a industrial grade wood chipper the world would be a better place.

  • SugahBabe - 7 years ago

    I wrote in the first time this happened and I said she should be charged then. Today, after reading snippets of her texts, BURN THIS EVIL YACUBIAN AT THE STAKES.
    Irrational, yes, but Jesus, she not only kept pushing him to do it, she did the bulk of the research and THEN comforted his parents and became some kind of champion for mental illness and suicides.
    You sick, twisted fuck.
    I want to slow cook her in tar.
    I know, I know, if someone is hellbent on killing themselves, there's nothing you can truly do.
    However, it's unethical and I know it's hard to enforce morality but she's truly a callous, heartless and shitty scummy human.
    I can't imagine how his parents felt knowing that she did all that.
    We may never know how bad his demons were and if he wouldn't have killed himself otherwise but don't aid and abet.

  • Joe Spacely - 7 years ago

    I don't mean this to be cruel, because someone who would do this is rotten, but if this would be someone to whom I could sell a crappy used car, then it's not at issue to what actions they are susceptible. That girl should get a job interrogating for the police department, because she gets the results she wants. That man was crying for help, and she was not. having. it. Always Be Closing - she made that man get back into the truck. And he did it. And he did it! I'll say this - if she does get charged, she might be well advised to serve as her own attorney. She might somehow figure out a way to get them to pay her for her pain and suffering in this matter.

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