Should Canada accept more Syrian refugees?

  • smith - 6 years ago

    under no curcumstances should we allow more muslims in the country, they will distroy our country if we let them, my vote is deport them back to a muslim country if they want to live like muslims, teh koran teaches hate and to kill anyone who is a not a muslim why on eath would you want peole nlike that in your country

  • Ana M Ciochetti - 6 years ago

    I support you Mr Harper.
    Do not give up to the pressure of the media please.
    We Canadians feel safe, we do not want our country to change into Greece, Spain or Germany.
    Thank you so much for what you are doing to protect us.
    I am originally from Peru, I came her due the terrorism 18 years ago.

  • David Desharnais - 6 years ago

    There are two types of people in Canada. Those who want to help as many as possible, while not taking excessive security measures.
    And then there are those Canadians who put security as the priority while helping as many refugees as realistically possible.
    Some Canadians are not afraid at all, while some Canadians are very fearful of the risks involved in accepting potential ISIS soldiers and terrorists who are already being found among the refugees.
    The risk is real. There is no denying that. It might be small, and it might be large. But the truth of the matter is, a percentage of Canadians are fearing for their lives and Canadian safety. This is what is most important. The fact that some do not want to gamble and some are willing to take the gamble. This country belongs to ALL Canadians! And the lives and safety concerns of some should be the top priority, even for those people willing to look past the potential risks to Canadian lives and security. Unless a decision this crucial is unanimous...opening the floodgates to refugees is not an option.
    Canadians need to put their fellow Canadians first before they risk everyone's security so they can feel good about themselves and collect their hero cookie!

  • Carla - 6 years ago

    Can we not help our own people in our country. Do you know how many seniors are living under the poverty line? How about the homeless or the starving children that are Canadians? We have let enough people into the country that are using up my cpp and old age after I have contributed for a life time.

  • Debbie Roszell - 6 years ago

    Vancouver's Mayor, should be worrying about Hasting street, the homeless people, not bring more over, take care of our own first.

  • wendy arnold - 6 years ago

    I wholeheartedly agree with Mr. Harper on the refuges status. It's good to know somone is using their head instead of rushing into a desion that could hurt Canadians. I to want to help them but the way the world is right now we have to be careful.

  • Lidia Wolanskyj - 6 years ago

    Canada is taking the sensible stance. When the UN says it's 72% men, it's clearly not a normal group of refugees. Real refugees should be 72% or more women and children. These are clearly jihadists. The West is crazy to open its gates to the enemy. Talk about a Trojan Horse.... and this isn't even in the shape of a gift in the first place!

  • devka209 - 6 years ago

    Thank you, Mr. Harper, for taking this stand. And, Natasha.... stop it!! Have you not been looking at the news about how Germany is in Crisis now because they did take in refugees to help and found out, AFTER the fact that ISIS was among the refugees? Isis WILL hid inside the refugees and infiltrate any country that they can get into. They will continue their barbaric slaughter wherever they go. They are evil and their plan is to take over every country and kill anyone that is not Muslim and not willing to comply. Germany is warning us NOT to do what they did. The only refugees that we should maybe consider at all right now are the children UNDER a certain age. Children 13 years old and over should not be considered at all. They could already have been trained by ISIS. Again, Mr. Harper... Thank YOU!!!

  • B Young - 6 years ago

    I applaud Mr Harper for standing strong. We cannot afford to bring them in, especially due to the VERY high risk of terrorists. We can't afford to be mamby-pamby bleeding hearts. Smartin-up Canada and follow your strong leader.

  • Dorothy - 6 years ago

    We have enough issues in this country already where people live well below the poverty line. Money should be spent on people already here and the cities are over crowded without bringing more people. And we have enough crime without letting one of the terrorists slip in. Mr. Harper got my vote because he stood up for whats right for Canadians. There was someone on tv this morning who said he has disgraced Canadian. I would rather be disgraced than felt under threat....i dont think he disgraced us in any way. About time Canadians stood their ground.

  • Lance - 6 years ago

    I hope Canada has enough integrity to say no to more refuge's. More missiles over there will be a lot more helpful than bringing all the refuge's here. Eliminate the problem and these peoe can have their homes back.

  • Terry Bosse - 6 years ago

    Mr. Harper is the only party leader thinking in terms of security for Canadians . Everyone who agrees with him, make sure you get out and vote. Also banning the Berka would be a great idea. In Canada we show our faces.

  • MR.V - 6 years ago

    Muslim 'faith' is not compatible with Christian faith. It's doctrine, its writings, it's practices are contrary to what we consider civil society and should not be permitted in Canada. It does not believe in freedom, but dictatorship, and race/belief superiority as we are the Infidels to all Muslims. Mr. Harper, you have not done enough to slow the invasion of Muslims to Canada. By their Holy koran they are ordered to lie, deceive and manipulate Infidels to achieve the spread of Islam. These are not people we want in Canada, a Land built on openness, and freedom from oppression.

  • cin - 6 years ago

    Islam posing as a religion... I see nothing wrong with religions if it does not affect women's equality or human rights.

  • Cesar Sr. - 6 years ago

    Why, Mr Robertson, are you criticizing the conservative government of doing nothing to bring in more "refugees" to our country??? Don't you read the news?? Don't you have a little more brain to distinguish who are this so called "refugees"? Don't you care about the threat of ISIS that promised it will be sending their army to terrorize Europe and then us? Don't you see nothing suspicious on the fact that only the 10% of this "refugees" are woman and children and the majority of them are 20 to 30 years old, young healthy males and they are coming by the hundred of thousands? Why you don't criticize instead Saudi Arabia that spend hundred of billions of dollars in the building of mega mosques around the world to spread Islam which is the cause of all of this terror?? Why don't you criticize instead the rich oil countries that have taken no even one of those refugees?? Here is the list of these rich Arabs countries and their quote of refugees they have taken in: Saudi Arabia (0) Qatar (0) United Arabs Emirates (0) Kuwait (0) Iran (0) Bahrain (0). Why don't you support those who really need help, such as Yazidis, Christians and Kurdish refugees who are experiencing legitimate genocide and the entire annihilation of their culture and society. Look at what is happening in Europe. All countries hosting Muslims refugees are facing crisis. Muslims are destroying everything in their path. They are executing mass killings, rape, racial and religious segregation, creating non-go-zones, rioting, violence everywhere. When are you going to understand that they hate us? They hate our culture, our values, and our democracy. For Muslims, democracy and Islam are not compatible and will never be. When are you going to understand that they want to kill us all? You and me, we are the kuffar (the infidels), we are apostates, blasphemers and heretics. Do you want inherit to your children and grandchildren a Canada governed by Islamic Sharia Law? Do you want your granddaughter of 9 to be taken for married to a 50 year old pedophile and by "The Law" it will be legal? They will destroy Vancouver, our economy, our culture and our way of life. Our parents and grandparents fought for a better future for us, for you and me, for our freedom, our values, and our way of life. We owe to them the duty to fight for a better future for our children and our grandchildren and pass on this legacy to our children so they can do the same for the future generations to come. Please think about it.

  • Canadian - 6 years ago

    How come the article doesn't show photos or write about how the refugees ruined the places wherever they've been? Or the hostile attitude they have towards people who were helping them? Or the fact that they refused to stay in less prosperous countries and only want to go to rich ones? Why some of the facts were covered but only the photos of kids were shown? Isn't this biased to begin with?

  • Ryan - 6 years ago

    Don't we have enough problem with homelesspeople and absurd cost of living here? We need to fix our own problems first before inviting more refugees.

  • Anda - 6 years ago

    Natasha, how many Syrian refugees are you going to invite to your house and provide them good food and clothes and shelter..... for the rest of your live? How much traces are you going to give voluntarily to support the Canadian government to do want you think should be done to feed these people? Don't blame Me Harper if you yourself will do nothing. Don't take this chance to attack conservatives. NDP and Liberals are truly irresistible like you.

  • Na'vbihar SoreklĂ® - 6 years ago

    natascha is horribly misguided. What a fucking joke, eh. Look at the numbers before you open your fuckhole. Saudi Arabia, Israel have sponsored 0 Syrian refugees but it is a problem that although Canada has taken in refugees, they apparently haven't taken in enough? Not to mention, the Pope, the leader of the Catholic, Christian church, literally said that it is every church's responsibility to host Syrian families. On top of these things, Vancouver still hosts the countries poorest zip code, and the city itself is a fucking shithole of garbage and buskers/homeless. Vancouver absolutely is not ready for a massive influx of refugees, especially those who will contribute nothing to our already weak society. Why don't we support those who really need help, such as refugees from Kurdistan, or Christians from the middle east, both of whom are experiencing legitimate genocide, and absolute annihilation of culture and society. Why does Canada have a "duty" to host these refugees, when there is very, very easily room for them elsewhere, in countries where they will not have to assimilate into an entirely Western culture. Look at what has happened in Europe, where Western culture is nowhere near as prevalent as it is here. ALL countries hosting refugees are facing crisis, because of the refugees actions, which are entirely rooted in inconsistencies between Western and muslim culture. Hosting violent and greedy muslims will tear Vancouver apart, destroy our housing bubble, and transform Vancouver from an up and coming economic powerhouse into a fucking shithole of jihadi mudslimes. Insha'Allah we will nuke mecca and end this properly and morally.

  • Kelly P - 6 years ago

    I do not think you should allow any more refugees into your city and surrounding cities Mr Greg Robertson until you fix the homeless situations first. What about looking after our own before we look after people that haven't paid into our taxes, pensions and communities.
    What about the back log of already sponsored immigrants and people applying for citizenship here. What happens now are you going to move them to the back of the line and just let these new refugees coming in? If you want to help the situation maybe as Vancouver's voice for the people you should promote and voice for more people in the department that handles the process of the applications already in the system. It's not like opening a gate and saying come on in. How many of these people are going to bring diseases and virus? How many of these people have no criminal records? How many of these people running just because they are following others? Lastly, but not forgotten how many of these people are not ISIS members blending in and preparing to move into other areas of the world?
    Our government and parliament members should be looking after the people that have been her first. Our pension system needs to be worked on so our pensioners can live on more that 1100 a month and not give refugees 1800 a month.

  • die islam - 6 years ago

    Only loser canadians would like syrian garbage to come into their country. Muslims are evil and their supposed prophet is a pedophile. see

  • Rebecca - 6 years ago

    It probably looks great to the rest of the world, but we have a major problem here with our homeless, and families living well below the poverty line. Where is the money for all these refugees supposed to come from?

  • Gareth Driscoll - 6 years ago

    Maybe we should worry about Canadian citizens who are homeless before we provide more refugees with better medical care than any citizen is entitled to.

  • natascha trautmann - 6 years ago

    I am appalled that Steve Harper has not allowed Syrian refuges to Canada and provided them with good homes food clothing shelter and the right to practice their religion. I am appalled and wonder if his own religious misconceptions with no offense to Christians intended has darkened Canadian standards of caring protection and humanitarian standards that we grew up with. Let these Muslims into our country. Canada is people are strong enough and has enough integrity to do this.

  • Daddyr - 6 years ago

    Is that actual fact? or are the silent majority afraid to say anything for fear of being labelled racist? Non compassionate? Etc.

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