Which is a higher priority for you when listening to the History of Byzantium?

  • a) education (learning the Byzantine story)
    367 votes

  • b) entertainment (if it wasn't fun I wouldn't listen)
    113 votes

  • c) I have a different highest priority (please comment on facebook)
    9 votes


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  • Peter Adamson - 3 years ago

    I listen to every episode as soon as it's available. I think I said this on iTunes too but it bears repeating: this podcast is a worthy successor to Mike Duncan's History of Rome, and praise doesn't get much higher than that!

  • David Barton - 3 years ago

    I think you have a good mix of entertainment and education right now. Wouldn't want to see you shift very much on either direction. I listen to history podcasts to be entertained while fleshing out my knowledge of history in an enjoyable and relaxing manner. Thanks for all of your hard work!

  • Chris - 4 years ago

    I studied Byzantine history at University, but only the limited aspects that were covered in general courses (eg: Justinian and 6th Century). Excellent history that is appropriately scholarly, not sensationalized and sticks to the sources.

  • Sandy - 4 years ago

    b. Found history podcasts a great way of passing a very long commute. I read off a screen most of the day so being to just use my ears is a relaxation. Initially hooked by The History of Rome (Mike Duncan) have found several very good history podcasts to entertain me for the week. History of Byzantium especially good as sound quality helps when listening in the car.

  • s - 4 years ago

    I chose option c because I listen to the podcast to go to sleep. For me the content is just interesting enough that I enjoy it, but not so interesting that it keeps me awake. Robin's voice and speaking pace are great for sending me right to sleeee..p...

  • David Lee - 4 years ago

    I'm just a regular guy going to work day in and day out. This podcast has brought the history of Byzantium into my life in a way that a book or film never would have. It has really enriched my life and added to my knowledge. Thank you very much.

  • Doug - 4 years ago

    I'm currently living in Istanbul and wanted to learn more about the history of the city and the region. I'm amazed at how thorough the podcast is, the personal relationships between the Shahs of Persia and the Emperors of Romania was really interesting. I'm so happy to have found it and recommend it to many people.

  • Barbara Garriock - 4 years ago

    I like learning something new, BUT it has to be delivered in a readable/listenable way - not a lecture and not dumbed down. I like the way HOB is a mixture of well delivered narrative and intelligent wit.

  • Caty - 4 years ago

    Both A and B. It is an amazing podcast , best of all I know. I only wish episodes came out more often!!

  • r. cabral - 4 years ago

    If Herakleios, Maurikios, Nikephopros Phokas and Justinian ...... maybe..... were to swing back into the world of the living, go online and listen to History of Byzantium I have no doubt they would all give at least an approving nod. HoB doesn't waste my time with inane chatter and chummy mumbling that pervades too many "history" podcasts out there. I appreciate the mere fact that someone out there decided one day to host a podcast dedicated to the history of the Byzantine Empire and had the means and the stones to pull it off.

    When I pull up the HoB website from my favorites list and see that a new episode has arrived I get a happy feeling inside and I smile.

  • Brad Hubley - 4 years ago

    The beauty of HoB is that it's both, you feel good about your entertainment because it's educational! We exist on earth for such a brief amount of time, but fortunately at this moment in time we have Robin to guide our imagination back to an seemingly forgotten world that bridges ancient Rome and the European Renaissance. The story of HoB is so fascinating and that's where the entertainment value is for me. It is also very important for podcasters to have nice sounding voices and good quality production and here Robin excels. He also sets the right tone with the light humor, I find many podcasters try to be too 'wacky'

  • Peter - 4 years ago

    The best history podcast out there!

  • Stainey - 4 years ago

    I have a long commute to work. A history podcast means this is not wasted time. HOB is one of my favourites and I love the argumentative Byzantines.

  • John Viggers - 4 years ago

    All of the above . A+B+C + all of the above comments.
    The passion for history is fed by reading books, talking to other addicts (history addicts that is), watching documentaries. And lately we have been blessed with audio books, and Wikipedia and PODCASTS, amongst the best of which is History of Byzantium.
    Cannot get enough!

  • Geoff McCurdy - 4 years ago

    I said entertainment, but history educates me. His show is great, and his effort is evident in his product. Keep up the great work Robin!

  • Matthew B - 4 years ago

    I wish I could have picked both A and B. I now only listen to these podcasts when I run as a way to stay motivated to exercise regularly. I don't have time to read as much for fun so listening allows for much more flexibility.

  • Anthony Belkowski - 4 years ago

    Alan, I was lucky to study under Prof. Charanis in the 1970's! He always said, "I love history because I love life."

  • Alan S. Berlin - 4 years ago

    I've read Norwich and Threadgold and studied with Peter Charanis at Rutgers in the 1960's. Robin's podcasts are educational AND entertaining, refreshing my memory of over 1000 years of Byzantine history,

  • Alex Birukoff - 4 years ago

    I listen to the HoB podcast, because Robin's podcast, in my opinion, deserves special commendation. His podcast is adding to the clearer understanding of the late Roman Empire's significant, should I say, crucial contribution to world history, including Western Civilization's history, eastern European history, Islamic history, etc. It is about time that the disparaging histories of Byzantium written by the likes of Gibbon be finally thrown on the proverbial "historical dung heap".

  • Chris - 4 years ago

    I love to learn while being entertained. Podcasts are my nighttime quiet time before sleep.

  • andrew cheevers - 4 years ago

    Education as entertainment.

  • Dave - 4 years ago

    A podcast without a little fun & humor is a terrible waste of my time.

  • Peter Minett - 4 years ago

    Great podcast. The current episode relating the interactions with Charlemagne was particularly good.

  • Skip Howard - 4 years ago

    Some other podcasts are very dry, to the point of being a classroom lecture. I can't handle them. I like your podcast, it is very educational, but a touch of humor to make me smile. Keep on with what you do ...

  • Josh Stettler - 4 years ago

    I've listened to a lot of podcasts/iTunes U lectures to learn things and most aren't nearly as entertaining as HoB. I chose "education" above, as I've stopped listening to other entertaining podcasts that weren't very informative.

  • William - 4 years ago

    Learning can be entertaining.

  • Craig Miller - 4 years ago

    That's a tough question. Really the answer is both. I came to HoB because of a desire to know more, but wouldn't stay if it wasn't so entertaining.

  • Matthew silva - 4 years ago

    great podcast

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