Do you like problematic music?

  • KJ Dolla - 7 years ago

    Well just about my whole workout lost is problematic music. Lots of misogyny and violence to go around. I mostly listen to this music while working out, but a few songs on my rotation like I Don't Fuck with you by Big Sean, and Memories Back Then by TI, B.o.B, and Kendrick. But let me tell you, when Rod played I be nuttin in these bitches I damn near fell on the ground from laughter. I work at a university and was on lunch when the song came on, and I'm sure all the white students who were around me were so confused why I was laughing so hard. The song came out a few years ago and when I first heard it I a like WTF is this shit. But it is one of those awesomely horrible songs and it is a little catchy. I'm glad you guys found the genius that is Jay Kelly. He also did a remix with DJ Paul you can check out if you want Have a good day you two.

  • animaine_sparkster - 7 years ago

    I traffic in ratchet and often park in problematic, but I don't get down too much with modern day misogynistic music. Not from some moral high ground. It just doesn't do much for me musically. Now if we're talking about violence? I'm all about it. One of my favorite nigga songs of the past few years starts off with a guy talking about shooting cars with babies in them (Vado- Right Now). When it comes to misogyny, I gravitate towards old school ratchetry like Big Pun, Tupac and Snoop Dogg. My love and utmost respect for women goes out the window when "Ain't No Fun" comes on. Commence the aintshitness.

  • HC - 7 years ago

    Just last week, my older brother took a screenshot of a 10 year old email I sent him with a playlist of songs I wanted him to put on a cd for me. This was from a time when I was in grad school and supposedly in the height of my respectability, so he was trying to shame me. Nigga I was partying over all the old songs I had forgotten about. Graduate school me had built a cd around some epic problematic music, including the foundations of the playlist, "Love in Ya Mouth" by some dude named Kilo Ali and "Bust it Wide Open" by Lil Will. And I wasn't alone, because the two songs that prompted the loudest sing alongs at our grad school parties were "Before I Let Go" by Frankie Beverly and.....yep, "Love in Ya Mouth." Present-day me and me from 10 years ago sure love our problematic music

  • DaKcStork - 7 years ago

    Man fuck all the political correctness. When Titty Boi 2 Chainz hits that "Watch out lil bitch" followed by the "Stiff Arm" in the background.....That's a wrap. That song is solidified on my "Lets go workout and take the weights off of other niggas bars" playlist. Now Slim Jesus is another story. He looks like what would have happened to Eminem if they would have put him on a thorazine drip. Anyway let me get my Paul Wall on and cruise around the local Mall bumping Akinyele "Fuck me for Free". Peace niggas.

  • Adrienne - 7 years ago

    Some of my most "listen on repeat" songs are super misogynystic. I can't help myself listening to it. One of my favorites is Dustin Kensrue's "I Knew You Before" (yes, I'm white), which is terrible! At least I got a good conversation with my teenage son about what "misogyny" is because of that song in the car one day a couple years ago.

    Also, I play a game where you upgrade monsters to five stars, and I constantly am reminding of your podcast and Five Star, and gets that song going on my head.

    While I'm here commenting, and semi-on-topic, either your random thoughts or on a different podcast last week, you mentioned how you don't want to be spoken to in the self-check line. AMEN! If something is broken, fine, come fix it, but otherwise leave me the hell alone! Plus, as a woman, it adds to the everyday harassment I experience. Typically, it is male staff that insert themselves into my time at the self-check and often it is a comment on my appearance or something I can't imagine them saying to a man. It's ridiculous.

  • Aris - 7 years ago

    Ha! Love the tangent that my email triggered. I'm problematic as well. My favortie turn up song is the Remix (one of many) of Gettin' Some in which Lil' Wayne calls himself Santa Claus and talks about leavin' 'em "with a white beard." I also bump Five Star more than I should since I heard in on TBGWT and listen to way too much Juicy J to judge! We all have minor flaws. lol

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