Are the people marching for the confederate flag racist?


  • Arie - 7 years ago

    The confederate flag exists because of racism. It was revived because of racism and people try to hang onto it because of racism. It is a symbol for the desired oppression of Non-Whites. As I believe has been pointed out before, even if it wasn't initially a racist symbol, all the biggest confederate flag groupies are very racist. That should make turn anyone who isn't racist against it.

  • terrillshorter - 7 years ago

    People who think its not racist don't know the history of the flag. This isn't my problem to teach people the history of the flag. Its American History. Nor its my job to read to people the article of secession from all the confederate states. You can easily google this shit. Our society teaches that it is ok for racist dicks to troll black people by acting stupid once the issue is brought up and making us sum up in a nice sentence "why you mad bro over the flag." This style of trolling is made to enrage us and make it look like they are just trying to be understand but the "negro just lost control" hence we cannot discuss this like rational people when they are being the irrational ones. I just look at them the same way the hulk looked at loki in avengers 1 at the end of the avengers movie and keep it moving.

  • Rozlynn - 7 years ago

    I believe you and Karen said it best, anyone who thinks the confederate flag is not problematic is either ignorant or straight up racist. I say fuck them and all they stand for.

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