Will Cal Beat SDSU?
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  • @NuiGCali - 7 years ago

    The feeling in the stadium reminds me of the Baylor game in 2002. We had a horrible season and nobody cared about Cal football. I remember going to Cal Day in 2001 and me and my family could talk to any player because there were about 150 people there. Starting the Baylor game with the RB option TD was incredible. Fast forward to Saturday. I was sitting in the ESP section and all the old alums (I guess I'm an old alum now...) are bitching about the team. There was a woman near me who started talking crap about Cal football even before the game started! Anyway, I know it's "just" Grambling, but in years past I'm not so sure we could have dominated the way we did. The team is playing with confidence and ENERGY now that we haven't seen in a while. Good or bad I've been going to games since about 1969 (as a kid) and I think we are in for a fun season this year. Usually by about the second or third game I'm looking forward to basketball season (which will be awesome this year!) but I'm counting on going to a bowl game this year. Good article, GO BEARS!

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