Should Austin neighborhoods be allowed to restrict parking to residents only?

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  • Chris Ewen - 4 years ago

    This problem is subject to gross oversimplification. Most city councils do not understand this problem and citizens don't either; the lack of understanding contributes to treating the symptoms. We have to use solutions that account for transportation and real estate economics and quality of life. Anything that does not account for those important aspects is just treating symptoms - the roots of the problem will still exist.

  • Dan Keshet - 4 years ago

    There are some very good hybrid solutions. In the East Cesar Chavez neighborhood, there are meters up *only* during the peak hours, which for those streets, is 6PM-midnight on 5 nights per week. Even during those times, residents who don't have other parking solutions can get a permit and park on the street for free. Part of the meter revenue goes back to transportation improvements in the immediate area of the meters. I think that's a win-win-win for everyone.

    RPP--especially during the daytime--is often a hammer where a scalpel would do.

  • Elizabeth - 4 years ago

    There is residential parking for a reason. It was impossible to sleep at night for all the noise, which included constant, slamming car doors, loud car music, drunk yelling/fights that went on until 3 am before residential parking went into effect in our neighborhood. The change in not allowing people to use our neighborhood for a downtown parking lot for the bars has resulted in allowing us to live normally again. People are still allowed to park here during the daytime hours.

  • Christy - 4 years ago

    The streets are paid for by the citizens of the city. Just because you live in a more desirable location, which is probably repaired more frequently, does not mean it is not city property. There are workers that need to bike, because people eat at restaurants and buy groceries downtown, but none of the workers there can afford to live or park downtown. The city should police more during events and ticket more, but everyone needs access to amenities.

  • Robert - 4 years ago

    One very good main reason, Sports people, holding tailgate parties in the street w/ no regard to anyone or anything . And an attitude of screw you it's a public street!! Blocking drives, all four corners of an intersection and even blocking fire hydrants! Which if our houses were to catch on fire and the fire dept could not access the hydrant, there would be a lawsuit against the city and the person that owns the car!!! Also people working downtown, and bicycling to work w/ the same attitude leaving their cars on the street all day, To top all this off, there is no police coverage to write tickets or have vehicles towed. The PD I'm sure has their hands full, but there isn't enough officers to cover this city, even to patrol stop signs that people run thru all day w/ no regard to others, Cars/ Trucks/ Bicycles running stop signs all day.

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