If the election was held today, which party would you vote for?


  • Johnny - 7 years ago

    lets elect the liberals who want to spend millions bringing foreigners in that have no skills and adding to the poverty situation, instead of helping the homeless that are on our streets right now. It's not about what we can do for others but what they can do for our country. Not being tolerant is bad, but being too tolerant is just as destructive.

  • Arianne - 7 years ago

    I will vote for the best strategic vote to prevent Conservative from being PM again.

  • Fred - 7 years ago

    We can't ignore some aspects that are being abused here. For example, lawyers don't have to report transactions to a federal reporting agency. FINTRAC. If we think money laundering isn't going on in the real estate industry, businesses, guess again. The Charter is great but there are gaps. $1 -$2 trillion is estimated to be laundered world wide. I am all for the individual freedoms, but we have to look at what sneaks by. It matters because that money is buying up our land, increasing drug abuse (not talking about Pot) and more of a criminal element. There are simply some good points, and even if it's 5 percent abuse, that can mean a lot of coin.You own this land, not the criminals. Financial terrorism is far more deadly than a bomb. We need to be aware what we are protecting is all I am saying. There are other factors being ignored in the debate.

  • Steve B - 7 years ago

    Vote Conservative if you support a complete lack of civil liberties, if you support the brutally ineffective "war on drugs", if you support genetically modified foods in the supermarket without labels despite no multigenerational long-term feeding studies, if you support Health Canada making regulatory policy based solely on industry-funded, ghostwritten pseudoscience, if you support pissing on our environment.

    Harper is your man, if you're this kind of Canadian.

    If you want an end to the tyranny, vote Green.

  • mason - 7 years ago

    vote conservative because harper will let the pipe lines run

  • Elaine Sukava - 7 years ago

    WHY, why WHY would anyone vote in support of the draconian C51? Voting lib is voting for cpc....

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