What do you think about medical marijuana in Anne Arundel County?


  • wally walker - 7 years ago

    Listen to the voters that's the way the United States of America works ! If you don't like it don't do it nobody's forcing you !

  • David Wagner - 8 years ago

    Just goes to show you how in touch our CE is... I guess when you're a Gibson Island billionaire, the problems of the "littles" don't really matter much to you!

  • Liz Potter - 8 years ago

    I am shocked and disappointed that the County Executive would wait this late in the game to try to prevent the growing and selling of this medical product in our county. As a businessman, does he have a clue how many small businesses and employees that have already spent their time and money preparing to build facilities here? He should have spoken up a year ago, not now! What is his motivation? Very, very disappointed and looking forward to backing a limited government advocate in the next election.

  • Helpingothers - 8 years ago

    This directly hurts the elderly, sick, and poor populations in the County. Many people will be relying on delivery for their medicine and will not be able to get it because the dispensaries won't be close enough to deliver to them. The largest chain restaurant companies in the nation have a limited area they deliver to. (usually 2 miles) because it makes the most sense financially for their business. "10-15 minutes to the next county" is very far for people who can't drive. Many of the people who will be directly benefiting from medical cannabis will have conditions (for example glaucoma or epilepsy) which prevent them from driving. "Potential diversion and reselling" --- you have to give people motivation to make money on it to cause them to re-sell it. There are no dispensaries anywhere selling bulk quantities at whole sale prices to their patients, whether it's a gram, an ounce or 4 ounces, the prices will be set for the market, NOT WHOLESALE pricing. This creates a climate that lacks motivation for a patient to re-sell it. He really should have gotten reputable research done on this topic. "Loose language" .... the Maryland cannabis commission has done a great job and gone to great measures to regulate it, and that's a direct insult on the commission and Larry Hogan.

  • Voter - 8 years ago

    Anyone who has watched a loved one suffer or the process of death should reject Mr. Schuh's irrational decision and remember this at election time. Mr. Schuh believes his feelings and belief in a government that can interject itself between a doctor and patient. If you believe his Trojan horse excuse you must read the legislation again and see this is one of the strictest medical cannabis programs in the nation. His interest is satisfying himself and the heads of Anne Arundel County's Executive Branch (law enforcement) not what is best for all citizens including those in such desperate condition they cannot speak up for this treatment themselves

  • Jeffrey King - 8 years ago

    If you all had a child that suffered up to 30 seizures or more on a daily basis and who now is no longer able to talk, and hardly walk, you would be voting to allow this. Come read my sons story and perhaps you would change you minds! www.dylanissuperman.com
    For everyone who has voted for this, Thank you and God Bless you, because to quote scripture, "Who among you if his child should ask for a fish, give them a serpant?" If this was your child, you would jump through fiery hoops to get this legalized!

  • Resident - 8 years ago

    Why would the Schuh administration punish and intimidate local patients? Does alienating the sick reflect his values?

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