Would You buy An Electric Microbus?


  • Meir - 16 years ago

    Sorry but NO!
    I don't buy VWs, electric or not - made by the same people who made my mother an orphan.

  • TommyT - 16 years ago

    Even a good hybrid woudl be acceptible. I have been LOOKING for a reason to buy a bus, but not in their current form. Bring it on!

  • Carl - 16 years ago

    I would if they crafted an updated version of the iconic two colour front that swept down the sides like original 60's one.

  • Joe - 16 years ago

    It would be far more practical if they would put their new clean diesel engine in it and not mess with electric.

  • Jason - 16 years ago

    Kombi FTW!

  • Francois - 16 years ago

    I would definitely buy it. I, like most people need a commuter car, that's cheap to run and look decent. I wonder if it would have enough energy to power also my laptop and my espresso maker for when I am stuck in traffic....

  • phuysio - 16 years ago

    I'd be very interested in this vehicle. However, I agree with TC about the quality of VW products these days. Since 2000 or so their vehicles seem to be much poorer in quality.

    This is a great concept that I think would pay off large for everyone involved if they kept the price reasonable.

  • pablo - 16 years ago

    great shaggin machine, and small mobile office

  • brendan Lee - 16 years ago

    wow ... soo many people have voted yes...

  • TC - 16 years ago

    I would only consider it if VW made dramatic improvements in the quality of their vehicles.

  • Brandon Cox - 16 years ago

    I might consider it if it came pre-painted like Scooby Doo's!

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