"Which Star Trek movie is the best?"


  • Richie Hudson - 8 years ago

    First Contact is clearly the best Star Trek film in my opinion. I always found Wrath of Khan to be a slow build but probably the best of the TOS films to be fair to it, that or Voyage Home...

    I enjoyed the two JJ Trek film's, they are good sci-fi action films but they aren't good Star Trek. There isn't really the exploration of the human condition that Star Trek tends to focus on in the two JJ films, it's all about the next phaser fight...

    First Contact expanded on the Borg and gave them their signature look, a much needed upgrade from the pasty white facepaint and rubber suits they had on TNG. It made them the scary bad guys they were intended to be and explored the human pursuit of revenge and the fear of being a face in the crowd along with solid action scenes without being all about them.

    JJ Trek messes unnecessarily with how things work in such a ridiculous way that it can never be considered a true Star Trek film. Without listing everything the reasons JJ Trek is not Star Trek
    - the stupid unlimited range transporter which makes starships obsolete [and was never a thing!]
    - No explanation as to why the enterprise has bubble nacelles
    - who builds a starship in Ohio? Seriously, ffs
    - apparently getting into starfleet is as easy as giving some douchebag your motorcycle keys
    - how the fuck did Kirk go from cadet to Captain of the FLAGSHIP? no working the way through the ranks eh...
    - the resetting of the timeline which old Spock doesn't attempt to repair for no good reason [and that's without going into the whole temporal prime directive that Voyager established, shouldn't the Relativity or some other timeship show up to fix this?]

    I could go on but I've over-nerded myself already

  • Andrew Hall - 8 years ago

    Picard. With a Tommy Gun. Blowing the everliving shit out of 2 Borg drones. 'Nough said.

  • Scott Reine - 8 years ago

    I wish there was an option for "Meh. I prefer Star Wars."

    In any case the J. J. Abrams movies are way better than the others.

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