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  • Marianne Lippold - 7 years ago

    Your photos are amazing! Your info gave me quite a bit of info I didn't know, and I thank you for it. I scored 19, so I think I'm doing pretty well. I descend from most of the people you were discussing - about 17 times from William and Isabel, which started me on my quest. I'm sure you realize how many far more recent great leaders descend from them. Although I don't believe in curses, I must add that since those of us carrying their blood carry through women, it only adds proof to the strength of the tail female line. Was it Ancel that may have had a bastard dau.? Does anyone have proven info about her? All of this has become my passion in my old age. I was able to get out of the US to Ireland in 2010, visited Kilkenny Castle,, thought they did a botch up job of remodel (I'm in to restore), could have visited New Ross and Tintern Minor but didn't came back home - all of this before I had any idea of my extended genealogy. I'm saving my money and hope to travel again in about a year. Wish me luck! Oh, I have hunted for good copies of Wm.'s and Isabel's seals. Have you any idea where one might find them ? Again, amny thanks for your great pics and info. Maybe if I take you test again down the road I'll do a bit better. Blessings! Mdarianne

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