Is Victor Newman a Hero or a Villain?


  • MLH - 7 years ago

    Any time a women is raped, someone should be prosecuted

  • Cindy B - 7 years ago

    I agree completely with JJ Smith, Victor is a VILLAIN. This character is evil personified and doesn't have one redeeming quality. He claims to love his family but his love means manipulation and control, he's quick to punish even his family if they don't do as he says. This character should not be allowed to continually get away with everything he does and suffer no consequences at all. I have also stopped watching Y&R, I can no longer stomach all that the writers are allowing Victor to get away with, the raping of Phyllis by Marco was the last straw! This character should be rotting in prison, or better yet, dead.

  • Jj Smith - 7 years ago

    Villain? Victor is far beyond villain. He is the embodiment of pure evil. He says he does things to protect his family - but his family wouldn't need protection if not for him - in fact, they need protection FROM Victor. He breaks out a murderous drug lord to live among his so-called beloved family members, has Jack internationally kidnapped, held tied up, his impostor who he pays to take Jack's place repeatedly rapes Phyllis, steals Jack's company with the impostor's forgery, and that's just a start. It's insane that the writing allows a character like this to even BE in this show, much less to go year after year, unpunished for the most reviling and evil crimes. I have stopped watching the show JUST because the writers have done this with Victor and Marcos. There's no excuse, there's no forgiving.

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