POLL: One year on from the Independence Referendum how would you vote? Should Scotland be an independent country?


  • Darren - 9 years ago

    FAO Scott. You're talking rubbish. Anyway, SNP is NOT the Yes movement. It's just an arm. Right now, a strong arm. But, if they think they can get an easy ride, they will be booted out, just like the unionists. The people demand another referendum. 2013, Yes had 30% support, last year it was 45%. This year, despite the polls showing 50-50, we all know better. By 2018, we will be free of Westminster. Watch them squirm

  • Scott - 9 years ago

    The SNP has lied and broken just as many promises as the UK Government. Salmons purposefully lied about the income from oil in the North Sea. He even admitted that after the referendum

  • true highlander - 9 years ago

    westminster is full of crooks, criminals and peados favoured by the royals the biggest benifit scroungers and all those that voted no are merely brainwashed fools as if you cant see the damage westminster has done through the years "your thick in the heed" there for us 45% yessers can hold our heads high and be proud we tried to save our country and never bent over to be shafted by westminster (traitors).. hope over fear we will be free one day rest assured!!! yes til i die

  • Isa Yesser - 9 years ago

    When does the Better Together stuff that we were promised start to happen?
    The broad shoulders of the UK haven't stopped 65,000 jobs being lost in the oil industry. The pooling and sharing of resources hasn't stopped one in 4 kids in Scotland living in poverty.

    The vote wasn't rigged. We were up against the full strength of the British Establishment. All our media was unionist, the box in the corner spewing out biased nonsense.
    I hope we won't be fooled again.

  • Colin Finlay - 9 years ago

    Wee Jimmy,it doesn't really matter about demographics.I tried to vote twice just to see if this website was legit,turns out you can't so weight of numbers should over-ride any concerns you have.

  • Les - 9 years ago

    Something not right here the No voters can nae be that quiet or we Yes voters again being to loud for the silent minority? I always thought it was a legitimate referendum but a year down the line i am very unsure. Feel big skullduggery was done by the Brit governmenrt .

  • Henry - 9 years ago

    the greatest risk to the Union today is the complacency of unionists, not the fervour of nationalists. The Union camp gave the impression of big benefits for a NO vote. And complacency about delivery is effectively making the case for Nationalists. Devices such as the Vow, turned out to be a ticking timebomb. It s quite possible that the Vow may ultimately be what breaks the Union.

  • Wee Jimmy - 9 years ago

    What use is a poll without publishing the number and demographics of the people polled?

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