Do you think manned missions to Mars are possible in the near future?

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  • Kate - 4 years ago

    The question should be "Why are we wasting all this money on going to Mars training?"
    Spend some money on the Veterans are dying everyday from lack of medical care, our wild horses that are being gathered by the BLM and shipped to slaughter in Mexico, the oil, mining and coal companies have polluted the land and water wherever they operate, racial tension is at the highest ever, most of the armed forces families can qualify for food stamps, pharmaceutical companies are increasing their prices daily, farmers are encouraged and even penalized for not using deadly chemicals on our food while organic farmers go through miles of licences and red tapes just to sell a clean, wholesome product, livestock are injected with drugs that stay in their bodies for life (and into ours when they or their milk is consumed) to make them grow faster or produce more milk (girls reaching puberty at 10 and earlier), get the illegals out of this country and keep them out (armed guards that can shoot to kill at the border). Spend this money on our citizens!

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