Since Bella Bond's dad admits he knew she was dead and never called the cops, should he be in jail?


  • Betty Slyvester - 8 years ago

    Since the state of Massachusetts obviously supported his daught
    er (EBT card, subsidized housing, healthcare), will we now get that money back from him??????

  • Carol.... - 8 years ago

    WOW I can't believe what he's saying never even seen your daughter now your blaming others for her death....why don't you keep your mouth SHUT CRAWL back under the ROCK YOU CAME FROM do sleep at nights...YOUR A PIECE OF SHIT

  • wanda - 8 years ago

    it is called after the fact or something like that ,,, if he knew then he had every right to go to the cops but did not so I is called after the fact ,,,and needs to be with the other to killers of that beautiful baby!!!

  • Baby killer murderer - 8 years ago

    I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to run into the 3scum sucking pieces of shit!!!! What I'd do to the BF would make most ppl vomit, but I'd start with his tiny nut sack!! I'd also beat the egg donor (mother) with a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire!!! Then I'd finish with the so-called sperm donor who DEFENDED the egg donor AND knew about that beautiful, precious baby's death!!!!!
    I say let ALL THREE of them free and make them walk home with signs saying "I AM BELLA'S MURDERER" on it! I guarantee within 35ft from the jail they'll be splattered and that's EXACTLY what they'd deserve!!!!

  • Diane R - 8 years ago

    He's a friggin junkie just like the murdering mother and murdering BF!!! He's crawling out from under the rock he lives under for 2reasons
    1). No threat of child support and
    2). Wants his 15min of fame
    Only thing he accomplished was showing the rest of us what a COMPLETE DOUCHE he is and what the face of full blown addict looks like!!!

  • Joe Stafford - 8 years ago

    Seriously, do we even need to discuss this.?? There is only one conclusion. They ALL deserve punishment. The most severe for the boyfriend, then the mother, and then the so-called father. We are talking about a precious little girl here. There are so many people that would have taken her if DSS had done their job. Lets make sure that department has enough workers, enough supervisors, and most importantly people who CARE working there. Instead of funding the wrong thngs, lets's put our tax dollars into DSS where clearly needs to be carefully looked into. Innocent children need our help.

  • ron melans - 8 years ago

    At least now we know there's 63 idiots that know how to use a computer..

  • Heather - 8 years ago

    Possible life insurance all 3 of them had something to do with it all 3 of the them should be punched in the stomach because their the real F***ing deamons and then stuffed in a trash bag low life scums

  • Kim - 8 years ago

    I want to know if there has even been a DNA test or did the crackwhore just pin it on him? She was a prostitute and a junkie how the hell does she remember who she banged and which sperm made it to the egg? If he is the biological father he is just as guilty as the other two fuck faces including the families. Nobody should be allowed to exhume Bella. She was buried in love by the world who cared about her and never stopping in trying to give baby Doe a name. May the 3 of them (I still think others should be charged) rot in hell. May she rest in peace..

  • Mary z - 8 years ago

    He should rot in jail with the other two monsters or let loose in general population and suffer everyday of his useless life.

  • jim dimare - 8 years ago

    fucking scumbag, I hope he gets wha't he deserves

  • Jeanne Kelly - 8 years ago

    I knew all these scumsuckers would be coming out of the woodwork.15 minutes of fame and possibly some$$$$$. I live in Florida and not one day went by without a post about finding out who this precious little baby was.That socalled father cared nothing for her.I don't believe he was the tipster either as some people are surmising .I just hope some freaking bleeding heart doesn't come forward and post bail for that scum that calls herself a mother.There's always someone who will feel that( She) is getting a raw deal and will be willing to help . Please God bring JUSTICE FOR BELLA.♥

  • Jen b - 8 years ago

    He knew she was dead and did nothing ??? That's sick ... He should have told the police he is no victim all he wants is attention he should be in jail too.... That sweet beautiful baby was murdered for no reason ... He's not a father he's an awful person how can someone no there child is dead and no care to tell anyone ? Awful

  • Sharon - 8 years ago

    Isn't this accessory after the fact? You knew, you did nothing, Crawl back into the tent you crawled out of after "fathering" Bella.

  • Brooke - 8 years ago

    Why would anyone vote that he's the victim he is a low life sad excuse for a man!!! That poor baby fly high little angel

  • Patrick Curran - 8 years ago

    This guy makes me sick. He's not even A man.

  • Megg M - 8 years ago

    Like Elizabeth said, there is only one victim and that is Bella.

  • elizabeth strom - 8 years ago

    there is only one victim.....her name was Bella.

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