Which second film in sci-fi franchise is the best?

  • Nancy Ficili - 5 years ago

    Wrath of Khan saved the Star Trek movies. It made us forget that dreadful first film and well, Montalban. Need I say more.

  • Doctor D - 5 years ago

    Only one of these movies made me cry. ST:WOK...ftw.

  • Comicazi Mike - 5 years ago

    Julian, we're not being technical. Empire can be construed as the second film in the original trilogy. Episodes 1 through 3 do not exist in any right-thinking world.
    And, Christian, Serenity is disqualified as the movie is the continuation of the television show. It's not a movie franchise. Sorry.

  • Rebecca DeVendra - 5 years ago

    Aliens for the win! Ripley fans represent!

  • Christian Miller - 5 years ago

    If Serenity or Firefly was there, I would have voted for that

  • Julian Cardillo - 5 years ago

    How do you NOT pick Empire Strikes Back? Honestly. Technically it's not a 2. It's a 5!

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