Do You Access YouTube in Pakistan (Directly, through app, proxy, VPN or Third Party Websites)


  • Aqeel Nizamani - 7 years ago

    Dear awas, i am amazed to see your remarks about unblocking youtube, yes it was blocked due to extremely sad reason, but my dear brother you may dont know that after blocking youtube so manny other sites has been established with different names which actually are youtube it self i.e, technically is plaing directlly from youtube throug inbuild vpn. in simple words when u opened you actually have opend its just a new packing of same old gift, so if pakistan needs to block youtube it must block all such mirror sites too (which all are very well honored through ptcl), othervise it dose not make sence to keep it block,
    and now when youtube has apologized by deleting that video, and 99% are reaching it through vpn there is no reason to keep it block.

    Dear i think we all should growup now, i also want to share a dark side of blocking youtube in pakistan before blocking it there was no season to have vpn app installed in ur pc or phone, is any one was keeping vpn it meant either we was a webdeveloper or hacker, or he probably loves porn.
    but now socially its not a problem keeping vpn has a justified reason "needs youtube"
    in nut shale PTCL attempt to block youtube which resulted to failed and introduced new world of porn to minors,
    my brother every act or policy has its own advantages and disadvantages, think again before you apply

  • Awais - 7 years ago

    Please don't let anyone unblock YouTube in Pakistan, Always remember why we blocked them and why they are not trying to get themselves unblocked.

  • hamadullah - 7 years ago

    YouTube open to Pakistan

  • Raja Faheem Anwar - 7 years ago (Does it link with youtube or this is a new interface

  • ALI - 7 years ago

    just go

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