Do you support a new hospital in downtown Utica? (Poll Closed)

  • Jules - 5 years ago

    I DEFINITLY SUPPORT !! I think that the people of the area who are voting NO just don't get it. Between NANO Tech, the Hospital, and the revitalization of downtown Genesse street will be the best thing for UTICA since sliced bread. Utican's are always complaining that UTICA will never prosper, but every time something great is proposed everyone has some negativity about it. Let it be and let's make UTICA great again. I am from NYC and we beg for new things to happen to stimulate our economy, and we already have everything, but more is always better. Also I like to ad ... Did anyone think that maybe there $20k 40k $60k thousand dollar homes might very well spike to $90k or $100k. Guys wake up this is great for everyone. This is the beginning of an amazing chain reaction.

  • Luly - 6 years ago

    Yes I support because is the best idea and many people doesn't want because they just think on the people that live on new Hartford Utica need hospital close to bus station and downtown is the best place

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