Should Bella Bond's funeral be a public event?


  • Brittany - 8 years ago

    I don't think he needs more Camera time but the while nation grived for her

  • Tracy - 8 years ago

    I said yes but in my sarcastic voice!This pos!!!

  • Gabby - 8 years ago

    This is one of the saddest moments in my life time. I have seen so much... There is so much wrongs in this case. Not just the parents (if that's what you want to call them) but the people surrounding this beautiful baby girl. Being a mother of six, struggling to raise them with morals, values, and self- worth. DCF failed yet again for another child. They took two of her other children away. Red flag missed, sad. Not because they didn't do their job. DCF has hundreds of case loads. People play with their time, calling in on vandictive behavior toward other cause time to be wasted when it could be well used in cases like this. Public... You see an addict with a child. Its not about all you do for the child when your high. How about the moments when your dope sick? Yelling, beating, or better yet letting your child play the Matilda role... People see it everyday and say well I know she's a good mom... Its a disease... I heard that more than I can count... I'm beside myself with this case... I want to become a substance abuse counselor for many reason and this being a major factor. Sad when you think of the life that was robbed from this world... Her father (sperm donor) I can't begin to imagine my life without my children, you know of her, but waited to meet her?! She is so important yet, she was 2 and a half... Whatever reason you believe in your heart to make you sleep better at night is on you. What the world see is something different, and you let them in. Yes the world wants to see her put to rest but not on national T.V. Many people lost to violence, you don't see their families with news crews at their services. In most cases they are sadly another statistic, just another number... To their families and friends they will always be their names that haunt their dreams. Wondering about the would ifs.... Joe you will have those same nightmares with one added piece, its my fault for not stepping up as a man. It wasn't your moms place or DCFs place to care for your child you carelessly made with a runner. Every child born is a key to our future but yet the morals, values and self-worth that they should be made from are no longer a factor in the making these incredible babies. Even worst, loving women with all the right stuff, struggle to have children. When people like this pop them out like pez dispensers. Not a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out of. The public then becomes the parent, through public assistant's or DCF a federally funded program to place unwanted children from the pez despensers of the world.

  • Jeanne B - 8 years ago

    Clearly my vote of yes is in the huge minority's but I voted that way because we the public cared more for this little girl than those who were supposed to. Opening it to the public would give her a funeral attended by people who want to honor her. It isn't about the sperm donor it's about her young life

  • Brian Walsh - 8 years ago

    joe Amaroso should not attend as he was not in Bella's life ( 1 phone call last Christmas) does not make a dad. He is just trying to make money off his deceased daughter. Joe would not even be nominated for "Father of the Year"

  • Jeff Walsh - 8 years ago

    Joe Amoroso is a bastard and should not attend the Funeral for baby Bella!!!!

  • Heather R Scanlan - 8 years ago

    Joey Amoroso is a loser

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