Do you support the installation of "Home and Away?"


  • Mike - 7 years ago

    Perfect art reflecting a society of selfie taking narcassasistic smart asses. The city is becoming a collection of tasteless mindless art pieces littered about for people to take selfies at. Total joke.

  • A Smith - 7 years ago

    I support an art piece that is beautiful or interesting at least and makes a statement, one that actually provokes thought and conversation but this piece is ugly redundant trite.

  • Ian - 7 years ago

    Seriously, how many will benefit from this half million dollar project? Think, you people in leadership what benefits your citizens! Thousands of children will thank you for upgrading their playgrounds! You want legacy, there you get it!

  • Barbara - 7 years ago

    The last thing I want for Vancouver is to have important decisions like this made via a poll! Trust professionals with the credentials and experience to make them!

  • Travis - 7 years ago

    How about building public bathroom in your parks downtown so i dont have to piss in a bush in front of people in coppers park. Or the bathrooms in strathcona park is a disgusting nightmare.

  • Kate - 7 years ago

    Ludicrous! How about spending this surplus of half a million bucks on something that is at least useful? Is the Park Board unaware of the need for playgrounds and upgrades to rundown play areas? Try to get a grip on reality, please!!!

  • Matt - 7 years ago

    What a waste of money. Not really creative at all

  • jenny - 7 years ago

    Anyone else see this as a safety risk??

  • Carol - 7 years ago

    I personally think it's unattractive and rediculous.

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