MPS FANDOM BATTLE 2015 FINALS. VOTE TO LOSE. Choose a Fandom you DON'T WANT to win this poll. (Poll Closed)

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Posted 3 years.


  • marimar24176 - 3 years ago

    LYCAnatics go go goooooooooo

  • KRAM - 3 years ago

    lycanatics goooo..

  • meg - 3 years ago

    Darrenatics, please be mindful of MPS rule #6 (The fandom with highest percentage of combined 'to win' and 'to lose' (net) votes shall win this competition). Assess po ninyo yung vote to lose before you vote a fandom... Vote to win minus vote to lose = net votes..... kaya pa yan guys!

  • Charlita.ramos - 3 years ago

    Sana wala ng vote to lose, parang pinapag away lng taung mga fans nito!
    Opinion ko lng po ito!

  • thine espanto - 3 years ago

    mga darrenatics wag nio iboto ang darrenatics kc bka matalo tau sa kabila lng tau mag vote wag dito kc po VOTE TO LOSE po ito ei

  • alohaliu1pie - 3 years ago

    lycanatics saan na ba kayo?? vote na po tayo

  • meriam sabql - 3 years ago

    Lycanatics gogo
    Lycanatics go go

  • Yeah - 3 years ago

    Vote Lycanatics! Go Lycanatics! Ftw for this poll

  • daryl - 3 years ago

    sana wala ng vote to lose ptaasan nlng ng votes gogogo kycanatics

  • meriam sabal - 3 years ago


  • ej - 3 years ago


  • Jas Cortez - 3 years ago

    #Lycanatics FTW for this poll!:)

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