How many hours does your child spend on homework?


  • Kimberly Dai - 7 years ago

    I believe that having excessive homework is VALID and justifiable by any school. Homework is used for students to succeed in their future, therefore is essential. "Human" said that homework does not weigh a lot, in which it shouldn't. Homework is used as practice and tests are used to check if people are mastering the content. From the comment's I've seen, parents are treating school as if it is "I Must get an A", instead of "I will learn something new".

    Furthermore, extracurricular are important, but they must be balanced with the course load students decide to take. As AP classes are OPTIONAL, students chose to get the extra course work. After all, it is a college level class, and there are higher expectations. I believe that it is the responsibility of the student and their parents to know where they are in regards to how long their homework takes, and that they should choose classes accordingly to that.

  • Human - 7 years ago

    They say that if homework does take a long time and your kids have so much so many clubs, why do you let them sign up for all those things? As a parent aren't you supposed to control that? well in this educational system (mostly) every student has to become an over achiever to get into a good college. Taking extra circ. and taking AP classes, seems like the only way for them to get to that goal. It should be the school's responsibility to look at how hard working their students are, and limit the amount of work that has been given out each night. Maybe pushing the due dates a little can help them out. Losing sleep every night just to be able to finish those AP history notes that take 4-5 hours alone for 10% of your grade while tests are 55% or sometimes even 90% of the grade is also a great pressure... So, if they are trying to fix the education system by adding many new features to the school, Think about the student's lives too.

  • Vikki Frazier - 7 years ago

    I feel the schools think they own our children...they do not! Our children have families, and hobbies, religious activities, do service for others, need down time, etc. (In order to be a well rounded human beings.) They shouldn't be expected to go to school 7 hrs and 27 min. And then spend another 4+ hours a night doing homework taking many kids in to the midnight hours. Kids taking AP classes (like college classes) DAILY...College classes aren't even daily, they are usually two or three classes a week (not daily)
    I have heard all the administration go on and on about how this shouldn't be the case that "kids aren't using their study time efficiently"...The administration is out of touch, and only care about their statistics. They don't know or care what happens in our homes. Kids are burning out!! They might be awesome in high school or middle school but They are tired and depressed about their lack of down time and depleted sleep.

  • Mausam ravani - 7 years ago

    I am completely agree with this homework hours. This is very dangarous to kids health as they are not getting sleep. They should get time in school only th finish half of the work

  • Cyme - 7 years ago

    My son leaves home at 7:15 am, finishes school and Robotics then arrives home after 6am. It is longer than an adult going to work. When he goes home, he needs to take a nap for 2 to 3 hours then has dinner. It takes him 4 to 5 hours to finish all his home works and studies for test. Poor boy!

  • Greg Promes - 7 years ago

    I agree with the article. My daughter spends way too much time with homework.

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