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  • Walter ferrelli - 4 years ago

    It would make it easier if judges would stop sending people to jail for stupid thinks. Example: a homeless man was sent to jail because he failed to pay a court cost of $170.00, while in jail this man ended up in the hospital for two weeks for prior conditions at the cost of 6 officers being paid overtime every day. Another example , an inmate spent a couple of months in the hospital , the jail tried to have him released because he was terminal, the inmate passed away 3 days after he was released meantime the taxpayers paid 6 officers overtime every day of those two months. Unnecessary spending. How about paying 2 officers to drive to Buffalo to pickup a juvenile , drive him or her back to Dutchess , have the judge see him or her for a few minutes and then pay 2 more officers to drive them back to Buffalo. There has to be a better way , maybe computers, Skype, closecircit t.v.?. Many many of taxpayers dollars are being wasted, would it have been cheaper if we just forgave that $170.00 ? or used some sort of technology to handle the Buffalo situation? or released that dying man sunner?

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