You rock with this ?

  • Bdumiee - 3 years ago

    keep shining and its our time bmore pay attention DaKidd Moo and K2xs got bangers

  • Tydie - 3 years ago

    Play that!!!!!!! K2x

  • frank - 3 years ago

    Baltimore bigz that trap phone is fire ..put that in rotation

  • Luu - 3 years ago

    ???????????????? Lui

  • RoyalyqueenB - 3 years ago

    This Song is fire , play this song on radio!!!! need to hear more of this artist !!! Trap phone #BaltimoreBigz

  • Jazmin Keyara - 5 years ago

    This craannnkkkkk! Please keep in rotation ! It's actually REALLY good . LOVE !

  • DavidMoneyEnt - 5 years ago

    Yooo you gotta bump that joint!! Better than all these new rappers out

  • Treny - 5 years ago

    That shit was fire. Congrats boo!!

  • Monique - 5 years ago

    Put it in rotation!!! REP B_MORE!!!

  • Jennifer Scott - 5 years ago

    Nobody is doing anything like this to rep for our queens! This song speaks to all the REAL WOMEN.

  • Ohhh_dats_jerrie - 5 years ago

    Jack life go off money Marv. ????????????

  • Baltimore zone 13 - 5 years ago

    Home of the wire volume 3 fire all his sobhgs fire tear drop you the one to put Baltimore on he just got signed 2 my hood love this song my bro's

  • gabby - 5 years ago

    I don't know why my Emojis Didn't show up there Wuz suppose to be no question marks wut I said wus that this music is fire ! It's the Realist Sh+t I have ever heard for real he is the king of music! U want to hear real music listen to this! 100 love this

  • gabby - 5 years ago

    I love his music it's fire???? it's the RealeSt Sh!t I have ever heard for real u want to hear real music listen to this???? ???? ???? ???? the ????of music ❗❗ ????

  • Jasmine Robets - 5 years ago

    1 love from ur fan Jazzy

  • Jazzy Lady - 5 years ago

    Straight heat
    Unique voice that spit fire

  • Jazzy Lady - 5 years ago

    Straight heat????????????????
    Unique voice that spit ????????????

  • Slizzy - 5 years ago

    Play it a hunnid times, boy got mor fire tracks comin

  • Lindsey Taylor - 5 years ago

    Keep up the good work. Keep playing this on the radio please.

  • Djiba Camara - 5 years ago

    Dope!!! Proud of u soulja

  • Bmore music - 5 years ago

    Tear deop my bros fire keep. Yp the good work Baltimore. Tear drop you the one bro

  • Erika J - 5 years ago

    The club goes CRAZY when he rocks this song.Play his music Jackboi Tony

  • Chi - 5 years ago

    Good shit period!!' Play it 100 time go off Big Tony 5000

  • Erica Ashby - 5 years ago

    Keep this is rotation Baltimore has talent they have been working hard give them& there music a chance don't sleep on them up & coming music

  • Erica Ashby - 5 years ago

    Keep this is rotation Baltimore has talent they have been working hard give them& there music a chance don't sleep on them up & coming music

  • BikeLife Kp - 5 years ago

    Man shawty is very underrated ! He the truth on the low ! #RunningWitTidyBaggs #TidyUpNext

  • Mad maxx - 5 years ago

    Yu a fool if Yu don't keep it on rotation

  • Boob - 5 years ago

    Play this once a day fire track

  • Meeka - 5 years ago

    This needs to stay in rotation!!! Dope music!!! ill Artist!!! Ray-Man you doing the damn thing. Keep up the good work fam.

  • Tee B. - 5 years ago

    This song is DOPE!! Rayman killin it per usual. Put this on heavy rotation. Keep doing your thing, I believe in ya homie!

  • YTN Management - 5 years ago

    I believe in you bro

  • Sammie Preston - 5 years ago

    I'm proud of my cousin he been working hard a very long time and This is a really dope song while the video is a Baltimore Game Changer!

  • Bk Knox - 5 years ago

    Dopest video of the quarter. Nobody's really doing this. Maybe a couple of people

  • B-Diamendz - 5 years ago

    Dope af s/o Rayman see u shor irosefilms lets get it

  • Jason Dupree - 5 years ago

    DOPE! !! NOW BUMP IT!!!!

  • KoolzHigh - 5 years ago

    Get that koolz n gnati NIKE on air...lets set the tone for lyrcism in bmore

  • Darnell - 5 years ago

    Bruh im rocking with u All or Nothing I been telling u that U Up Next!!!
    Put my bro in the loop on Repeat asap!!!

  • Tay - 5 years ago

    Lando who im rocking with

  • Bmore careful - 5 years ago

    That nigga Lando!

  • bmore careful - 5 years ago

    I know why ????????????????

  • 1600booda - 5 years ago

    shorty u know watup!!! banger!!

  • John john - 5 years ago

    Ya shordy shit really that , bump this

  • Esssss - 6 years ago

    DOPE! Keep this on rotation!

  • Travon Alexander miffamilur - 6 years ago

    Banga bump thar

  • Bishop The Mogul - 6 years ago

    Already Fam, gonna be a HOT summer in Baltimore!!!

  • Silly See-J - 6 years ago


  • Susan - 6 years ago

    He has worked very hard, so yes keep playing this on the radio.. GO NEPHEW!!!

  • BALTIMORE B.L.A.C.K. - 6 years ago

    Bang dat!

  • Rashad - 6 years ago

    Keep This On The Radio

  • Sean - 6 years ago


  • ant - 6 years ago


  • Rock - 6 years ago

    King Of Diamendz

  • Reddz - 6 years ago


  • Robert Miller - 6 years ago

    Yeah, that jawn nice

  • Denise - 6 years ago

    Philly be Shaggin with MTM Charley

  • Denise - 6 years ago

    Philly be Shaggin with MTM Charley

  • Ky - 6 years ago

    Let's get it!

  • Baldwin - 6 years ago

    Maaaannnn , when y'all going to put Dakidd Moo on the radio he got BANGAZ and y'all completely ignore him,.... But that's ok #Yesterday

  • Joe blow - 6 years ago

    Play this everyday

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